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Nested program with multiple exit points commencing in 2021: Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master of Learning and Teaching for Higher Education

The nested program is for those interested in developing their learning and teaching practices to meet the demands of teaching adults in the 21st century higher education environment. It is underpinned by a growth model that understands that higher education teachers are learners and that growth requires a scholarly approach. With this in mind, the program has been created so that you can build on the four courses of the Graduate Certificate to earn the Graduate Diploma (eight courses in total). It prepares those wishing to continue their studies in this area at the Master’s level. As a nested program it also allows those with an equivalent qualification from another institution to apply for credit and enter the relevant program and continue their studies with the academics from the Learning and Teaching Office and across Faculties.

The Certificate enhances your knowledge of the contemporary adult learner. In an authentic community of practice you will explore contemporary issues in learning and teaching at the tertiary level, adopting a scholarly approach to improving your teaching practice. You will finish the Diploma with the ability to lead academic colleagues, embed approaches to reconciliation and well-being into your practice, and to create pedagogical research projects. The Master’s by coursework is designed to enrich your career trajectory through studying with a community of learners interested in teaching and learning research from across disciplines. It will cultivate your research skills to systematically reflect and investigate how you teach and how to improve the outcomes of your students.

Take control of your education with the flexibility of fully online programs that allow you to access the education of a lifetime, no matter where you are. All courses are delivered and facilitated asynchronously i.e. no mandatory classes, through eBooks in the University Learning and Management System Blackboard. The Navigating your study journey 'companion’ will help you best prepare for your studies.

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The following courses will be available in 2021:

Semester 1

  • EDUC5011 Introduction to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • EDUC5013 Leadership in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education
  • EDUC5115 Introduction to Teaching in Higher Education
  • EDUC5116 Designing Curriculum for Effective Learning
  • EDUC5117 Principles and Practices of Assessment and Evaluation

Semester 2

  • EDUC5009 Global Learning in Higher Education
  • EDUC5115 Introduction to Teaching in Higher Education
  • EDUC5116 Designing Curriculum for Effective Learning
  • EDUC5119 Supervising Postgraduate Research

For more information about the process of applying and completing the Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Masters, please see the Student Admission Process.


‘I recently completed this Program and it was an incredible two year journey. I was able to put into immediate practice, the knowledge I gained during the Program. The variety of learning tools used across the courses enriched my learning and empowered me in ways I could not have imagined. It has completely changed the approach I use in my education practice and importantly the many events I help coordinate within my role at the University. Meeting and interacting with fellow students has been inspirational. I could not recommend this Program more highly too anyone interested in learning and teaching in higher education.’

- Dr Niamh Keane (PhD), School of Medicine, University of Notre Dame (2020).