The Learning and Teaching Office (LTO) was established in 2015 in recognition of the University’s commitment to support academic growth and professional learning. It is a national office and our key mandate is to work with our academic colleagues across all campuses to support the development of high quality teaching practices. You may have noticed our tag line which says “Together, achieving excellence in learning and teaching”. This is because we believe that rather than being a discrete office that works in isolation from the day-to-day practices of learning and teaching, we can make a bigger impact when working in partnership with the key people who are at the coal face – the academic staff.

We provide an annual Continuing Professional Learning (CPL) program that is offered in a variety of formats (e.g., half-day fora, training workshops, lunch-time seminars, one-to-one coaching). Each year, this program is informed by the Learning and Teaching Plan. This is guided by priority areas in the University Learning and Teaching Strategic Plan. Key note speakers (both internal and external to the University) will feature throughout the program to enrich conversation and opportunities for further learning.

The LTO also manages the Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching for Higher Education (GCLTHE). Previously known as the Graduate Certificate in University Teaching (GCUT), this course has recently undergone a major renewal and introduces academics (early career, sessional staff and established academics) to contemporary theories and evidence-based practices of learning and teaching in higher education. We believe that the best advocates for this course are those who have already completed it and would encourage you to read these testimonials. This type of qualification is becoming increasingly valued across the higher education sector - locally and internationally.

The LTO is a team of highly skilled and dedicated academic and professional staff who want to make a long-term impact in supporting academic growth.

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