Mission of the LTO

The mission of the LTO is to support the academic community in its quest to sustain and enhance high quality teaching across the institution. To achieve this, the LTO will provide services, programs and resources that are focused on engaging staff in academic growth and continuing professional learning. In partnership with Schools and Divisions, it will cultivate a culture of collaborative learning by creating and nurturing internal and external communities of practice that aim to foster educational excellence and innovation. The LTO is committed to strengthening the connection between teaching and research and to ensuring teaching excellence is recognised and rewarded.

LTO’s vision:

Our vision is to honour the Objects of the University and be recognised by the academic community as an invaluable partner who contributes to the attainment of excellence in teaching, scholarship and research.

LTO’s goals:

  1. Support and strengthen the capacity of all academic areas (Faculties, Schools, Centres, Institutes etc) to meet their own curriculum and pedagogical objectives through the provision of continuing professional learning programs, resources and expertise (that takes a variety of forms such as institutional-wide fora, school-based workshops, online digital resources);
  2. Expand awareness of the role of scholarship for effective learning and teaching;
  3. Foster a positive and vibrant community and culture by encouraging and assisting exploration, innovation and creativity in learning and teaching
  4. Enable growth, independence, and a scholarly approach to teaching for future and current academics at various points in their careers by responding to the evolving needs of learning and teaching at Notre Dame;
  5. Network and support academics seeking to share ideas about learning and teaching initiatives and scholarship;
  6. Acquaint the Notre Dame community with important innovations and new technologies for learning and teaching;
  7. Contribute to the continuing professional learning of early career and sessional academic staff
  8. Increase the recognition and rewards for superior teaching.

Levels of impact:

Our ultimate aim is to make a difference in how learning and teaching is practiced. We acknowledge that not every project will lead to transformation. Our actions, projects and tasks will have five levels of impact against which we will measure success:

  • Awareness-raising;
  • Advocacy for best practice;
  • Building skills (pedagogical / technical);
  • Implementation / embedding into practice;
  • Transforming practice.