Working off-campus

The University has a range of remote access tools available for use to enhance the online learning and teaching experience for staff and students.

Here is all you need to know about how to work and teach online at Notre Dame when you're off-Campus.

A webinar has been produced to assist in getting ready to work online or off-campus.


  • How do I work online?

    Notre Dame provides a number of ways to remotely access University resources and systems to keep you working with flexibility off-campus. Access to our Virtual Private Network (VPN), Office applications, online portals and collaboration tools means you can teach, research, work or travel anywhere and anytime.

    Remote access tools

  • What will I need to work online?

    To work off-Campus, you will require access to the following:

    • a laptop or personal computer
    • staff login details
    • internet – broadband wired or wireless
    • webcam and microphone (plugin, mobile phone or laptop)
  • What are the tools for teaching online?

    The University is committed to the provision of technology-enhanced learning for all students through a range of online tools that allow students to learn virtually when they are off-Campus:

    • Blackboard – our learning management system.
      • Turnitin – students can submit their text-based assessments through Blackboard using Turnitin.
      • Collaborate Ultra – for pre-recorded or streamed lectures and self-led or interactive tutorials.
    • Zoomavailable for use to enhance students' online learning experience through video conferencing.

    For more information visit the online teaching tools page.

  • Key things to know before working off-campus

    ITO are here to help if you need assistance to get you working flexibly off-campus. Complete our check list to see what device, software, access and peripherals you need get set-up online.

  • Working secure online

    Although we have an ever-increasing range of safeguards to protect ourselves from cyber-threats, we all play a role in keeping our systems safe. Follow secure practices when working online in order to protect yourself, University equipment and data from unwanted access or attacks.

    Learn more about staying secure online with IT@ND: Cybersecurity and our Stay secure page.

  • Stay connected in an online world

    Many of us are working in a new world, requiring continual access to online services so we can stay connected. Try our tips and tricks to stay organised and productive when working off-campus. Learn Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Office Tips & Tricks.

  • What approval is required for working online?

    Approval may be required from your Supervisor and ITO before remote access software is installed on personal and University-owned devices. Please note, while working off-Campus the University's standards, policies and procedures still apply.

    Review approval & compliance

  • Other staff services

    Our individual libraries are managed locally but use a consolidated library discovery service and a common pool of electronic resources (databases, ebooks, ejournals and ereference titles). These common aspects of the Library services are managed by our Online Services Team.

    Please pay us a visit in person or contact us via phone or email to see how we can help you to locate, evaluate and use the information resources you need to support your research.

    Staff Library Services

  • Need Help?

    Call us NSW +61 2 8204 4444 / WA +61 8 9433 0999

    Email us
    Please include the following information to assist the team in answering your request or resolving your issue.

    • Name and ID (if you have a preferred name please include this also)
    • Contact details (include mobile if off campus)
    • Description or image of error message/code
    • Time issue occurred (if more frequent include dates)
    • Device issue occurred on (PC, laptop, venue machine)