Remote tools

Notre Dame provides a number of ways to remotely access University resources and systems to keep you working with flexibility off-campus.

  • Staff portals

    A range of online learning tools are available under Staff Portals on the Staff page.

    The following applications require approval from a school or department before being able to access remotely.

    - Peoplesoft - Blackboard - Sonia
    - IRMA - Allocate+ - Prudentia
  • Sophos VPN

    VPN is a remote access technology that allows you to securely connect to Notre Dame’s network as if you were on campus. All shared drives are accessible with the same folder structure found on the shared drives on campus computers. We encourage all staff working remotely to work via Sophos VPN

    More information on Sophos VPN

  • Zoom

    Zoom is a virtual meeting room and video conferencing system ideal for online classes and meetings. Zoom accounts are provided for all our current students and staff. And is our recommended tool for internal and external communication and collaboration.

    More information on Zoom

  • Office for Staff

    Microsoft Office is a suite of office productivity applications that includes Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Word. Staff are able to access the latest version of Microsoft Office at home for work-related purposes as part of the University's Microsoft Agreement. Office install must be used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the licensing agreement.

    Install Office Office Online

  • Shared Drives

    Staff and student files and folders are stored on a central storage system known as shared drives. These shared drives are available on all computers on campus and remote access using the File Server.

    Shared drives available to staff are:

    • H:\ Drive Home drive linked to an individual staff account. (Cannot be seen by other staff)
    • M:\ Drive Campus specific data share
    • N:\ Drive National access to data
    • S:\ Drive Student drive to share files and folders with students.

    Note: Students only have S:\ drive mapped to their account. They do not have access to Staff drives M:\ and N:\.

    How to access shared drives

  • File Server

    The File Server allows staff to access their data off-campus on their device. All shared drives are accessible with the same folder structure found on the shared drives on campus computers. The File Server is located under the MyNDPortal on the Notre Dame website.

    File Server access How-to access

  • PortalGuard: Password management

    Locked out? Forgot your password at the worst possible time? Take control of your account with PortalGuard. Access the online portal to reset or change your password or unlock your account.

    • Change Password: Change your password before or after it has expired.
    • Unlock Account: Restore access if your account is locked out.
    • Forgot Password: Use to reset your password.

    Password requirements PortalGuard Online Password Campus Password Issues

  • AVAYA - Handset

    Set and personalise your internal, external and temporary phone greetings as well as quick dial and auto dial numbers and names from the main menu of your AVAYA phone handset.

    • Call forwarding - work online easier by forwarding your calls and messages to your mobile phone.
    • Set greetings - update your internal, external and temporary greeting.
  • University equipment

    If you need any University computer equipment to work from home, please consult and submit this IT Equipment Registration form.