Joint Consultative Committee

Welcome to the webpage of the Joint Consultative Committee at The University of Notre Dame Australia.

In accordance with Clause 26 of The University of Notre Dame Australia Enterprise Agreement 2018 - 2021 (EA), A Joint Consultative Committee was established to consult with and advise the University in relation to the below objectives and roles, as well as other ongoing issues affecting staff members at the Broome, Fremantle and Sydney campuses.

26.4 The role of the JCC is to facilitate consultation between the Parties by:

  1. monitoring and providing advice on the implementation of this Agreement;
  2. receiving and considering reports as determined by the terms of this Agreement;
  3. advising on impending redundancies;
  4. monitoring the further development of initiatives, policies and procedures consistent with the undertakings given in this Agreement;
  5. ensuring consultation occurs prior to decision making on matters which impact on the working lives of Staff Members; and
  6. increasing the quality of working life for all Staff Members, particularly in the areas of employment security, job design, skill formation, training and the working environment (both physical and mental).

The Joint Consultative Committee is comprised of academic and general staff members, both nominated and elected, by the University, the National Tertiary Education Union, and other staff members.

Your Joint Consultative Committee is comprised of:

University Appointed Representatives:

Elizabeth Labone
Executive Dean - Science, Law and Business
Sydney Campus
Stephen McVey
University Librarian
Fremantle Campus
Jane Street
PVC, People and Culture
Sydney Campus

NTEU Appointed Representatives:

Mr Patrick Hampton
Senior Lecturer and Coordinator,
Primary Degrees
School of Education, Fremantle

Ms Lydia Dawe
Liaison Librarian
University Library, Fremantle

Elected Staff Representatives:

Richard Hamilton
Senior Lecturer
School of Philosophy & Theology 

Liam O’Donoghue
Library Technician
University Library Sydney