Adding documents to your application

Ready to apply to The University of Notre Dame Australia? You’ll need to provide coloured scans, certified copies or original copies of your academic results, proof of residency and proof of English proficiency to meet our Admissions requirements.

Scanned Documents

If you’re applying online or adding documents to your application via email, feel free to scan the original document in colour and its original size.

  • Correctly Scanning Your Documents

    • Ensure you scan the original document - not a photocopy - in colour and its original size.
    • If the document is double sided or has multiple pages, include all sides and pages. Avoid cropping or sending incomplete documents.
    • If your document is larger than A4, scan it in A4 portions without reductions.
    • Upload or attach your file in an approved format (such as .pdf or .jpeg) and name your file to reflect its contents (e.g. “Australian passport.pdf”).
    • Photos will not be accepted.

    Throughout the Admissions process, you may be required to present the original document or we may verify your documents with the issuing institution.

Certified Documents

If you’re applying with a hard copy application (in hand or via post) or don’t have access to a scanner, certified copies of documents will be accepted.

  • What is a certified document?

    A certified copy is a photocopy of an original document that has been sighted, stamped, dated and signed by a certifying agent as a true copy of the original.

  • Who can certify documents?

    You can have your document(s) certified by any of the following authorised persons:

    • Justice of the Peace;
    • barrister, solicitor, judge or magistrate;
    • police officer;
    • pharmacist;
    • postal manager;
    • principal or teacher of an Australian secondary college, high school or primary school;
    • medical practitioner;
    • bank manager;
    • registered nurse or midwife;
    • a staff member of The University of Notre Dame Australia; or
    • if you’re applying to Notre Dame through one of our approved agents, they can verify and submit your documents for you.
  • How to have your document certified

    The original document should be presented to the authorised officer, and they must certify the copy by doing the following:

    1. Use a stamp or write by hand on the photocopy ‘This is a true copy of the original document sighted by me’, followed by the authorised person’s name, occupation, professional registration number and date of verification. There must be an overlap of this written certification on the document’s image.
    2. If the authorised person is part of an organisation with an official stamp or seal, affix the official stamp or seal on the photocopy.

    Alternatively, bring your original documents to the Admissions Office and we can make verified copies of your documents for Admissions purposes.

Additional Requirements for International Applicants

If you’re an international student and choose to provide an uncertified scan, you will be required to present your original documents to the Admissions Office when you arrive in Australia.

Overseas Qualifications Issued in a Language other than English
Documents submitted in a language other than English must be accompanied by a full English translation made by an accredited translator with a government body or the Registrar of the issuing institution.

Need help? Feel free to contact our Fremantle, Sydney or International Admissions Office.