Early Offer Fremantle

  • Benefits

    The benefits of the Early Offer Program include the following:

    • Secure a place at The University of Notre Dame Australia and finish Year 12 with added confidence knowing that you have received your Notre Dame offer.
    • Showcase your achievements, skills and passions inside and outside of school  by telling us about your interests, goals and future career aspirations.
    • Be considered for an Academic Merit Scholarship.
    • Have a seamless transition to University life, with the full support of our Notre Dame staff helping you every step of the way.
    • Early Offer recipients for the Tertiary Pathway Program can complete one of their courses this year.

    Please note: Candidates who do not receive an Early Offer for Semester 1, 2021 will be automatically considered for the future offer rounds.

    Natural critical thinkers

    You need to change your perspective to change the world. That's why critical thinking is embedded in every one of our degrees. Through the study of Ethics and Philosophy as core courses in your degree, you learn the importance of exploring other views before arriving at your own – forming lifelong skills to navigate an uncertain future. It's one of the reasons why Notre Dame is the #1 uni in Australia for Skills Development (Student Experience Survey 2019 - compared.edu.au).

  • Selection criteria

    Our Early Offer Program is open to students who have demonstrated consistent academic excellence and are motivated to make a special contribution to society, and/or who can show exceptional personal or leadership qualities. You can demonstrate this through the following:

    • your Year 11 and/or any Year 12 school reports and exam results;
    • by your active contribution at school or in the community;
    • by your work achievements; and
    • by telling us about your personal or leadership qualities.

    Early Offer to undergraduate degrees

    ATAR students will need to demonstrate the following indicative ATAR benchmarks based on your Year 11 school reports:

    Degree (including any associated double degrees)

    Indicative ATAR

    Bachelor of Physiotherapy


    Bachelor of Biomedical Science

    Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood & Care)

    Bachelor of Education (Primary)

    Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

    Bachelor of Health & Physical Education (Secondary)

    Bachelor of Laws

    Bachelor of Nursing


    Bachelor of Arts

    Bachelor of Arts (Architecture)

    Bachelor of Behavioural Science

    Bachelor of Communications & Media

    Bachelor of Counselling
    Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science

    Bachelor of Health Promotion

    Bachelor of Health & Physical Education (Primary)

    Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation

    Bachelor of Science


    Bachelor of Commerce

    Bachelor of Human Resource Management

    Bachelor of Marketing & Public Relations

    Bachelor of Philosophy

    Bachelor of Sport & Recreation Management

    Bachelor of Theology


    Early Offer to the Tertiary Pathway Program

    Non-ATAR students will need to demonstrate academic results above 70% in four courses, including English (General), based on your Year 11 results. Non-ATAR pathway students enrolled in ATAR English in Year 11 2019 must be able to demonstrate a Year 11 final examination result above 50%. For academic capability, all offers are made based on your Year 11 reports to date.

  • How to apply

    1. Get ready

    This is what we need to consider your application:

    1. Your Year 11 school reports as well as any Year 12 interim reports available to date (you can submit further Year 12 reports later once they become available).
    2. Any other supporting documentation you would like us to consider (this may include a recommendation from your school - click here to access the form, certificates, awards or references that demonstrate your achievements).
    3. Tell us about yourself  - We know you're more than your ATAR, that's why we ask you to tell us about yourself. It's a key part of our unique admissions process, which goes beyond a single score.  Our Early Offer applicants are asked three questions:
      • Why are you applying to Notre Dame? (around 100 words)
      • What is your motivation for choosing your degree of interest? (around 100 words)
      • Tell us about your interests or achievements; these may include school leadership roles, sporting achievements, school and community service and involvement (around 250-300 words)

    2. Apply online

    Applications have now closed.

    Note - There will be no admission interviews in 2020.

    3. Offers
    You will hear from us within two weeks of submitting your application. Offers for the Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Health and Physical Education, Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Bachelor of Physiotherapy/Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science will be made after 30 June. Keep an eye on your email inbox!

    4. Accept 
    Once you receive your offer, you have 14 days to accept by completing the online acceptance form. We’ll also ask for proof of citizenship at this time.

    After that, you will have the opportunity for enrolment, where you reserve your place in the courses that you will study.

    If you have any questions, give us a call us on (08) 9433 0537 and we’ll step you through your options.

  • FAQs

    I have put in an application - what now?
    That’s it! We’ll begin the process of assessing your application and you should hear back within two weeks. Offers for the Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Health and Physical Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Bachelor of Physiotherapy/Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science will be made after 30 June.  If we need any further information, we’ll contact you directly.

    If my indicative ATAR is just under the benchmark can I apply?
    Yes, you can. If your predicted ATAR results are very close you can still apply. If you do not receive an Early Offer, your application will be considered for future offer rounds.

    What will happen if I don’t achieve the indicative ATAR?
    That’s ok! If you don’t achieve a final ATAR in line with your indicative ATAR that’s okay, your Early Offer place will still be there!

    If I’m not successful, do I have to apply again?
    No, once you’ve applied that’s it! If you don’t receive an Early Offer, we’ll look at your application for other intakes. Of course, we’ll stay in touch with you the whole time!

    Can you apply for an Early Offer for all degrees? What about for Medicine/PMC?
    You can apply for an Early Offer for any Bachelor’s degree, including the Tertiary Pathway Program! As our Medicine degree is postgraduate, it is not possible to apply for an Early Offer into this degree. And no need to worry about PMC yet! The Admissions Office will contact eligible applicants with a separate application later in the year or in early January.

    If I receive an Early Offer, can I defer my commencement?
    You can defer your place for 6 or 12 months depending on the degree you have applied for.

    If I accept an Early Offer, can I change my mind?
    Yes, sure! Stay in touch with the Admissions Office and they can let you know what you need to do if you want to change degrees or go somewhere else. Just be aware you aren’t able to change your program preference to a high-demand program past certain dates.

    If I apply for or receive an Early Offer, am I locked into it? Can I still apply to other universities?
    We hope that you choose to study with us at Notre Dame, but you can still apply to other institutions. Just let us know if you decide to study elsewhere!

    Is the indicative ATAR calculated solely from Year 11 results? Is there a way to work it out if our school hasn’t provided one?
    If you are applying for an Early Offer to an undergraduate degree, your indicative ATAR will be calculated based on your Year 11 exam marks. You can use TISC’s ATAR calculator as an indication, but the Notre Dame Admissions Office will also calculate your indicative ATAR.

    If I don't meet the indicative ATAR for the degree I want to study, can I still apply for the TPP as part of the Early Offer Program?
    Non-ATAR students can apply for an Early Offer to the Tertiary Pathway Program. If you are an ATAR student who does not meet the required indicative ATAR for your chosen degree, you can submit an application for our future offer rounds.

    Is there a different Early Offer Program application process if you're applying for the Tertiary Pathway Program?
    No, we have one Early Offer application process, which is available here.

    Do I need to include the School Recommendation form with my application? Would it make me more likely to be accepted?
    Supporting documentation – including the School Recommendation form – is optional for your application, but we encourage you to put your best foot forward by submitting any relevant documents you would like us to consider with your application.

    How do you add documents to your Early Offer application once you have applied?
    If you would like to add extra documents to your application after you’ve submitted it, you can email them directly to the Admissions Office at fremantle.admissions@nd.edu.au. Make sure you include your full name in your email.

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