The Young Achievers Early
Offer Program is your opportunity to secure a place at the No.1 University in Australia for Overall Employment of Graduates* prior to commencing final exams.

*2021 Graduate Outcomes Survey-Longitudinal (medium-term outcome),
undergraduate category –


your academic and community achievements.

Gain Recognition

for extra-curricular activities and community involvement.


your place at university prior to commencing final exams.


Year 12 with the added confidence of knowing you have received your Notre Dame University Offer.
Hear from some of our current and past students about why you should choose Notre Dame.
READY? apply now for an early offer ...or follow the path to find out more!

important dates

Applications open
Applications close
Early Offers released from July to October 2022
Final Year 12 Exams
So how do you apply for an early offer for 2023? Watch our easy how to video.

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  • FAQs

    Who can apply for the Young Achievers Early Offer Program

    Notre Dame’s Early Offer 2023 program is for year 12 school-leavers completing the ATAR pathway. If you are currently in year 12 completing the ATAR pathway, you have the opportunity to secure a place with Notre Dame for 2023 prior to sitting your final WACE or HSC exams. Early Offer applications will need to include your Year 11 and Year 12 school reports and we base your eligibility on your predicted ATAR. You can find out more about our Early Offer minimum academic entry requirements for our programs on our website.

    How do I apply for the Young Achievers Early Offer Program?

    The first step is to gather your information:

    Academic information:

    • To apply to the Fremantle campus, collate your Year 11 and Year 12* mid-year reports in a digital file
    • To apply to the Sydney campus, make sure to have your 8-digit NESA number ready to provide. You may also collate your Year 11 and Year 12* mid-year reports in a digital file

    * If you don’t haven’t received your Year 12 report yet, you can submit an application and provide this once available.

    Non-academic information:

    We want to know more about you, not just your academic achievements! In the application, you will be asked about your non-academic commitments and you will be able to provide details. You may also wish to upload supporting documentation, which may include:

    • A recommendation from your school or community group, or
    • Awards, certificates, articles, curriculum vitae, etc

    Other information:
    Some programs require specific information from applicants which accrediting bodies require. Notre Dame complies with accreditation requirements to ensure our graduates meet the requirements of their chosen industry. Visit the How to Apply page to find out more.

    At Notre Dame, we consider the whole person, so get ready to tell us about yourself by answering the following questions in your application form:

    • Tell us how you contribute, and how frequently, to community life.
    • Why are you applying to study at Notre Dame?
    • Why have you chosen to study this degree?

    Once ready, submit your application online.

    Do I need to ask my school to provide a reference?

    It’s optional to submit a reference from your school or community group, but it can help your application as we also consider your non-academic achievements. School representatives can submit a reference via the School Recommendation Form.

    Can I apply for special consideration?

    Please provide a written statement and provide supporting documentation in the Special Consideration Application Form. For applications through UAC and TISC, you may instead wish to provide a copy of their respective Educational Access Scheme (EAS) documentation.

    If I did ATAR in year 11 but not in Year 12, can I still apply for an Early Offer?

    The Early Offer 2023 program is only available for students who have completed the ATAR pathway in both Year 11 and Year 12 and who will receive an ATAR and WACE certificate once they complete their studies.

    What are the application dates for Early Offer?

    Applications for our Early Offer 2023 program open on Monday 4 April 2022 and close on Friday 30 September 2022.

    I’ve applied - what happens now?

    That’s it! You’ll receive an email confirming we received your application and we will assess your application. If we need any further information we’ll contact you directly. Offers will be made from July to October 2022.

    What is the difference between a conditional and unconditional Early Offer?

    If you receive an unconditional Early Offer from us, that’s excellent! You can sit your final exams knowing that you have secured a place at uni. If you receive a conditional offer, you have a place reserved for you and once you meet the set conditions your place will be confirmed.

    What happens if I don’t receive an Early Offer?

    If you don’t receive an Early Offer, your application will automatically be considered for the main round. So you don’t have to apply again.

    How do I submit my supporting documents or final reports?

    You can upload them to your online application. Please submit files in the following formats: pdf, jpeg, png, doc or docx, with each file size not exceeding 2MB. After applying, you will receive an email receipt, so you can reply should you have additional information or documentation you wish to add.

    If my results are under the benchmark, can I still apply?

    Yes, you can. At Notre Dame, we consider the whole person, including non-academic achievements, so if your results are close you can still apply. If you do not secure an Early Offer, your application will automatically be considered for the main round intake, so you won’t have to apply again.

    Can you apply for an Early Offer for all degrees?

    You can apply for an Early Offer for any Bachelor’s degree. This does not include the Tertiary Pathway Program or postgraduate programs like the Doctor of Medicine.

    When will I find out if I received an Early Offer?

    Offers will be made from July to October. Every person is different and therefore every application is different! This means that you may find out about your application at a different time from other people. Offers for high-demand programs including the Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Fremantle Campus only) may not be made until September, as places are capped.

    When do I need to accept my Early Offer?

    You may accept your offer as soon as receiving it. This doesn’t mean you are locked in to attend Notre Dame but it does hold your place in the program.

    If I accept an Early Offer, can I change my mind?

    Yes, you can. Get in touch with us if you are interested in changing degrees (note that you may not be able to change your application preference to a high-demand program after a certain time).

    If I apply for or receive an Early Offer, can I still apply to other universities through UAC or TISC?

    Yes, you can. We understand that you will want to consider many options as you move into higher education study. Throughout the year, we will be in contact to invite you to events that may interest you and send you student stories and updates so you get the full insight into life as a Notre Dame student.

**2020 Student Experience Survey, undergraduate and postgraduate coursework categories
***2020 Student Experience Survey, undergraduate category (