Flexibility to study Nursing and help others

Louise was inspired to study nursing by her parents, who are both registered nurses.

However, as a mother, she knew she wouldn’t be able to study full time while juggling work and family.

The flexibility, part-time options and blended learning provided through Notre Dame’s HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing gave Louise the opportunity to pursue nursing.

"Notre Dame offers a lot of help for students like me. As a mother, I thought I would not be able to study anymore."

Speaking of her experience Louise says that she loves “everything” about the program – the professional experience and the support of academic staff have been central to her experience.

“After many placements at St John's and with Notre Dame through the Diploma of Nursing, I have found my feet in the emergency department,” she says.

I have developed so much as a person in maturity, decision-making, time-management and being organised.

At this stage, Louise doesn’t have a particular area in Nursing that she'd like to specialise in, rather she is keen to work “anywhere as long as I care for people”.