Chantelle's in her element having found her role in life

Driven by her appetite to "make every ordinary moment extraordinary", graduate of St Monica Academy in Los Angeles, USA, Chantelle is using her creative talents to explore various roles within the realm of film, with the ultimate goal of becoming a successful actress.

Chantelle graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Film & Screen Production and Theatre Studies at The University of Notre Dame Australia's Fremantle Campus, and is now working as an actress in Sydney.

"Notre Dame gave me the foundation to grow from, the values to live by and the wings to fly. I now have the tools to create the future and make it mine," Chantelle said.

"I aspire to be a successful actress but have discovered my passion for directing and producing. I have finally found the path which will deliver me the most fulfilment in my life; the platform that allows me to be myself and connect with those around me.

"We are all destined for greatness; we aren't just ordinary. We are unique!"

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