Top of the game

When your meeting ends with a million dollar handshake and the stock market shifts dramatically during a morning coffee break you need to be at the top of your game.

As a portfolio and corporate actions analyst with WA-based Euroz Securities/Entrust Private Wealth Management, Harry Barrett sits at the heart of the market where corporate giants make their trades.

A Commerce graduate from Notre Dame, Harry has to respond instantly to the fast changing financial landscape, gathering facts and data and anticipating opportunities or roadblocks while having the solutions at his fingertips.

“I have always been fascinated by the way the markets work, not just in Australia but throughout Europe and North America,” says Harry.

Even during his studies he was working with real-time data from the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

“Lectures always reflected what was happening in the Australian and international corporate capital markets. It taught us how to read the markets, the way they operate, and to estimate likely outcomes.

“In my current position any number of issues can arise at the beginning—or at the end—of a deal. You need to think on your feet. It’s a crucial skill for anyone aspiring to a career in financial services.

“That’s where critical thinking comes in. Notre Dame’s Core Curriculum really helped prepare me for the corporate world, the ability to think through scenarios and address them strategically or tactically depending on the need of the moment.”

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