Creativity and commerce combined

For Jewel it was the sense of community that first attracted her to Notre Dame.

“Going to uni in Freo is honestly the best and no two days feel the same,” she says.

Studying a double degree – Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Marketing & Public Relations) and a Bachelor of Communications and Media (majoring in Journalism) – Jewel has been able to combine her creative passions with business skills.

“It was a love of fashion journalism that first attracted me to an Arts degree and then adding in a Commerce double just made sense.”

I love it here, there is so much community. Lecturers and tutors actually engage with you and take interest in your life.

“They really care about your uni experience which was so different to what I was told leaving school. You do have to take responsibility for your own learning but it’s good to have someone who cares as well.”

“Notre Dame has really made me someone who thinks deeply about life and values ongoing learning,” Jewel says.

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