International business woman gets a change of pace at Notre Dame

With a passion for research and analytics, Kriti had already completed a Masters degree overseas. She begun a career in business development in London, launched and operated her own firm in New Delhi before commencing her Masters of Philosophy in Business at Notre Dame.

“Notre Dame gave me a change of pace with its Western Australian context. I have loved every bit of Fremantle with its beaches, people and relaxed lifestyle,” Kriti says.

“When I was working in small firms, I couldn't help but notice how the management influenced the day-to-day behaviour of firms, and that inspired me to research small businesses.”

Pursuing postgraduate studies can be somewhat isolating but Kriti says the sense of community at Notre Dame has been vital to her research experience.

“Completing a research degree requires the researcher to spend long hours studying and sort of be by themselves,” she says.  "So, for successfully completing such a degree, one has to be motivated at a deeper level. Notre Dame with its Catholic context provides a very nurturing environment that facilitates achievement quite well.”