Illuminating potential in business

Notre Dame graduate Lisa says the secret to success in business is a solid educational foundation, coupled with practical experience and mentors.

If you have a passion or love or a burning desire for business or to be an entrepreneur then you need a base level of business understanding or acumen.

“Without it you can spin the wheels for years just trying to piece that foundation together through practical experience and finding the right mentors,” she says.

It was the University’s international affiliations, ideal Fremantle location and fascinating course offerings that made Notre Dame the place of choice for Lisa to complete her postgraduate Master in Business. Lisa now guides businesses through transformative change with her company, A Little Ray of Sunshine.

“The actual name came from consistent client comments to team members along the lines of “you are a little ray of sunshine” to our business.  So the name seemed to choose us.”

Lisa is currently mid-way through the development of new resources for business owners journeying through the Business Life Cycle.

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