Balancing a career change, motherhood and study

Bridget commenced her Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood & Care: 0-8 Years) as a mature age student, following her career as a professional ballet dancer.

“I had travelled extensively and worked overseas so I came to university with a different perspective that was shaped by that life experience.”

“I had always wanted to make a difference and I knew, as much as I loved dancing, I couldn’t do it forever and I felt called to teaching,” Bridget said.

The extensive practical experience incorporated into the degree was one of the reasons Bridget chose to study at Notre Dame. She balanced full time study with becoming a mother for the first time, completing one practicum while pregnant and another with a 10 month old at home.

“The education lecturers went out of their way to support me at every step. They really cared about me as a person and I wouldn’t have gotten through without that.”

“The tutors were really practical and didn’t just deliver content, I could look up to them as role models because they were all great teachers themselves. You can’t fake that,” Bridget said.

Bridget is now graduating and carrying with her a focus on embedding pastoral care into the classroom. She commences as a Kindy teacher at St Vincent’s School in 2019.

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