Thinking beyond letter of the law

“At Notre Dame, you think beyond the letter of the law and apply it from a personal perspective, considering your client and thinking about the implications of your actions,” says Notre Dame Law graduate, Andrew.

The commercial litigator and international student from the United Kingdom chose to study Law at The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Fremantle Campus for its welcoming learning community. Andrew says Notre Dame offers much more to students than simply a degree.

“At Notre Dame you examine law in its completeness. You’re encouraged to develop a compassionate approach to your practice,” Andrew said.

According to Andrew, the University’s Core Curriculum – dedicated units of study in Philosophy, Ethics and Theology – delivers a well-rounded approach to the study of Law.

“You’re thinking from different perspective and you’re opening up to new ideas,” Andrew said. “Very often you’re dealing with disadvantaged people in the legal world and Theology encourages students to think within a worldview, especially in relation to those less fortunate.

“I think that’s incredibly important if you’re going to have an understanding of where clients are coming from and develop that compassionate approach to your practice.”

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