A passion for paediatrics drives Amelia to Medicine

During study for her medical degree at Notre Dame, Amelia was awarded the Woss Family Scholarship, met inspiring mentors and cultivated a passion for paediatrics.

“Paediatrics has been a lifelong passion for me. I believe that children should be treated with respect and interact in such a way that provides them with reassurance, comfort and dignity,” Amelia says.

“The University has provided me with many opportunities, including a chance to be Co-Chair of the Paediatric Committee, placement at Princess Margaret Hospital and clinical debriefing tutorials with a paediatrician. Through these experiences, I have met incredible mentors who continue to guide me through my career and life goals.”

Speaking of her scholarship, Amelia says: “Mr and Mrs Woss continue to be my mentors and have provided me with the confidence and strength knowing their family was supporting my beliefs and dreams for my career in medicine.”

Being a doctor to me, means more than just learning the science and procedures from a textbook.  That can only take you so far.”

Reflecting on the highlight of her Medicine degree, Amelia credits her cohort with becoming her second family. “It’s a family of friends that you have fun with and support each other through the ups and downs. They become precious lifelong friends.”

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