Expanding horizons with forensic nursing

Bethany chose to do post-graduate studies in Forensic Nursing at Notre Dame largely for the School of Nursing & Midwifery’s holistic approach.

“There’s a wide range of resources and a really well-sought after reputation,” Bethany says, “and the course covers all sides of forensic nursing, not just one section.”

“It covers the medical side and the legal side, and ranges from the forensic nurse examiner, sexual assault nursing, and psychiatric forensic nursing.”

In her chosen profession as a critical care nurse in the High Dependency Unit at Albany Health Campus, Bethany sees a variety of patients, both paediatric and adult, and uses the skills she has learnt through the Master of Nursing (Forensic Nursing) program to offer best practice assistance at times of greatest need.

“I would recommend this degree to other nurses out there who want to gain a holistic approach to their nursing care and be able to understand why the patient has come in, what their specific injury is, and how to best care for them.”

“The Master of Nursing Post-Grad has definitely helped me in my career. The tools provided have allowed my skill and knowledge base to expand immensely.”

“I am now able to care for a whole demographic I knew little about prior to the course and it now provides the opportunity to treat the patient holistically.”

Bethany also believes the course is valuable for undergraduates looking to diversify their skill set.

“A bit of advice I would give undergraduates,” she says, “would be that they can actually apply for this as a junior nurse to expand their horizons.
“If they then wanted to go into emergency care, this would definitely help them.”

Bethany hopes to stay within the Emergency Department at Albany Health Campus and utilise her Master of Nursing to create a preventative program for at-risk children within the regional demographic.

Find out more about Notre Dame’s Master of Nursing (Forensic Nursing).


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