Cherralee’s ambition to help people in need

Cherralee’s mother lost her battle with breast cancer when she was just 10 years old. It was the nurses who supported her family and cared for her mother that inspired the young girl to want to help people in need. Cherralee says;

At the time I felt helpless and decided that I would pursue a career that gave me the skills to really help people in need.

Now in her second year of Nursing at Notre Dame, Cherralee has already completed two practical placements at aged care facilities and will undertake her first surgical practicum later this year.

The youngest of five and the first of her siblings to graduate on the ATAR pathway, Cherralee was awarded the Beasley Family Scholarship in Medicine and Nursing last year, allowing her to offset living and travel expenses.

“I've managed well financially due to my scholarship. I haven't needed to work as much, and can give as much focus I need to my studies,” she says.

Cherralee says Notre Dame’s core curriculum has helped her to think critically about Nursing, to be “non-judgemental and see all perspectives.”

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