Being a supportive, professional and adaptive midwife

Being prepared for both the joyous moments of bringing life into the world and the hardships that women can face inspired Nadirah to study post-graduate midwifery.

She was able to bring the professionalism and adaptability gained through placements as a Registered Nurse to the Graduate Diploma of Midwifery; an 18-month, full-time program which combines theory, research and professional practicum, embedded in a philosophy of ‘women-centred’ midwifery practice.

“I have been fortunate to practice in a range of clinical settings including private, public and rural. It has been a truly rewarding experience, and the support you receive from staff and colleagues makes the journey towards becoming a midwife an unforgettably incredible one,” Nadirah said.

“I will never forget my first delivery.”

“Notre Dame had already built the foundations for me as a successful Registered Nurse, and I believed that the University would be able to further provide continuity in my academia to direct and empower me towards excellence in midwifery.”

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