Community in the heart of Fremantle gives Teneil the motivation to succeed

Notre Dame’s supportive environment made Philosophy student Teneil’s move from her home town of Busselton significantly easier.

You are able to be a part of a community of people who want to be there with you, who want to come along side you and help you with your life.

Teneil says it was the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and the emphasis on critical thinking that drew her to Notre Dame.

“Discussing with people of other faiths, other thoughts and other belief systems are where I’ve learnt the most.”

“That’s one of the huge things that Notre Dame offers unlike any other university I’ve come across. We’re  able to discuss in class with people that we probably wouldn’t have spoken to any other way and are able to expand our minds.”

With the Core Curriculum in Ethics, Philosophy and Theology, Cornerstone Christian College graduate says Notre Dame has enabled her to “think critically in a different way” and have a range of new opportunities.

“Studying at Notre Dame is probably one of the greatest things that I’ve done so far,” Teneil says. “My advice to anyone thinking of moving to Perth to study would be just to jump into it and get really excited.”

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