Answering the world’s biggest questions Tobias’ goal

“Notre Dame offered me a still point from which to view the sky,” – a quote encapsulating the unique ambitions and reflections of aspiring author and philosopher, Tobias Nuttall.

The Guildford Grammar graduate is currently studying a Bachelor of Philosophy at The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Fremantle Campus. Tobias’ ambition is to explore the thoughts and arguments of some of the world’s greatest minds in an effort to ask the question: what am I put on this planet to achieve?

“My aspirations are to reach an independent, rationally founded vision of existence in order to share it with others through writing and speech,” Tobias said.

“This is important to me because, in my own short life, I have found solace in the intellectual and emotional charity of others. It is only fair to share with the world what has been gifted me by people and places like Notre Dame.”

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