A sense of belonging

"Notre Dame offers me the opportunity to learn more about my faith while opening the door to philosophy," explains Annetta, a Bachelor of Philosophy student at Notre Dame's Sydney Campus.

The aspiring writer says the combination of her Philosophy and Theology studies allows her to examine the deeper questions affecting both the individual and society.

"I was drawn to Notre Dame because of my faith, wanting to study Theology; but along the way discovered Philosophy which teaches me to critically explore and question, which will inform me personally and in my career as a future writer,” she says.

Annetta says Notre Dame offers her amazing opportunities to build relationships with fellow students and her lecturers.

"Notre Dame gives you that sense of belonging and community,” she says. “There's so much potential to interact with like-minded people, building on those relationships through the student societies, extra activities and events at Notre Dame. It really builds on that sense of community, you feel like you belong and are able to grow; the staff become your mentors, not just your teachers.”

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