Improving the health of marginalised communities – the motivation for Emmanuel

Improving health inequity and advocating for refugee health and wellbeing is what motivated Emmanuel to study Medicine at Notre Dame’s Sydney Campus and pursue his career as a doctor.

Born in Rwanda and having lived as a refugee for most of his life, Emmanuel has experienced the reality of health inequity.

“Doctors have a role to play in helping people that is not just about the medicine. Doctors have that privilege that people can listen to them. It is important to use that privilege in ways other than just medicine; like advocacy,” Emmanuel said.

Emmanuel advocates for refugee health and wellbeing through education of the Australian community. His passion also extends to rural medicine and indigenous health and inequalities in public health.

My dream was to become a doctor, and my first choice was Notre Dame, I wasn’t wrong, I love it here

“The course is centred on social justice and they train you to serve where you are needed, and that comes across in our cases, where it is about helping the patient,” Emmanuel said. “I like the University’s community focus and because we are a very small cohort, we all know each other and that includes the Dean.”

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