Aspiring to the highest standards

Student nurse Grace says that Notre Dame’s student support and the community spirit helped her to make the transition from secondary school to university.

"At Notre Dame everyone is invested in how you are doing, they have a real personal interest in you and they care. You feel that support is there – it is tangible and you do better if you have that support, it has definitely helped me do better,” she says.

The goal of providing excellence in health care is why final year student, Grace, chose to study at Notre Dame's School of Nursing in Sydney.

"I aspire to be the kind of nurse that others turn to for advice, because they see that I strive for the highest standard," the former Loreto Kirribilli student says.  "And all the teaching staff have been incredible, they are all experts in their own field, and great teachers as well, helping me to achieve my goal."

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