Notre Dame is the best

Second-year Nursing student Jackson says there is no mystery about why he chose The University of Notre Dame Australia above every other nursing school in Sydney.

“Notre Dame is rated as the best university for nursing,” he says. “All of the reviews that I had read about Notre Dame made it sound great and all the things that I was told personally about it from friends that used to come here supported the fact that it is a great university.

Twenty-year-old Jackson, originally from Sydney’s Sutherland shire, said that apart from the university’s academic reputation he was also impressed by the small class sizes at Notre Dame.

“I love how small the tutorials and lab groups are,” he says. “I think it is much easier to learn when there are fewer people in a class -- and because of that as well I love the interactions that the classes often have with each other, and with the teachers.”

Once he graduates Jackson hopes to work in the emergency department of a major hospital before going overseas to work. “After that I'd like to become a paramedic,” he says.

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