The confidence to succeed

"Notre Dame has opened my mind to different thoughts and issues. It's made me think about my actions and how they affect my life and the lives of those around me," explains Notre Dame Commerce graduate Meg.

Meg is already working in the marketing field and aspires to become a global marketing consultant – she credits The University of Notre Dame Australia for developing in her the confidence and skills needed to take on the business world.

"I'm very confident in myself and Notre Dame has definitely made that happen," Meg says. "It has provided me with a solid foundation and given me opportunities through its ambassadorship, leadership programs and networking events where I have developed my career skills. I feel more well-rounded, empowered, and confident heading into the workforce."

Meg says she wouldn't hesitate to recommend Notre Dame to others. "The learning environment is so unique, with the class sizes being so much smaller you can develop relationships with your peers and develop great relationships with your lecturers," she says.

Notre Dame's Core Curriculum opened her mind to different thoughts, issues and perspectives. "The way the course is structured brings students from different schools into the one room together which gives you a whole new perspective on issues," she says.

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