Primed for emergency response

Melbourne-born Thomas, 26, cannot wait to finish his Doctor of Medicine at Notre Dame and begin work – ideally in the Accident and Emergency ward of a major hospital.

“I love working with people and my hands,” he says. “Thanks to the award-winning anatomy teaching program at Notre Dame I’m really motivated to pursue a career in Emergency Medicine and/or Surgery.”

Thomas, who completed a BSc Hons before commencing his medical training in Sydney, says that he really appreciates the high-quality teaching at Notre Dame along with the support that he receives from the academic staff.

“Medicine at Notre Dame was a perfect fit for me: the small and intimate cohort, the unparalleled pastoral care from the Notre Dame community and the close tuition and support from the doctors and professors made it an easy choice,” he says.

I have enjoyed tackling the challenges of medicine, the case studies, the rotations and workshops - it has fostered my problem-solving and communication skills. I also love the opportunities that this course has created. The door is open for me to go anywhere.”

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