We are following a highly engaging process to imagine where UNDA may be in 5 years time. We know what we do well, but we want to do it even bigger and better.

The process we will follow

Why are we doing this?

Establish starting and end points for strategy in terms of clear ambition, standards/targets


  • our distinctiveness, our uniqueness, and what is compelling about UNDA
  • the future if Higher Education
  • what is possible
  • what we do well, and what we could do better
  • our students' wants and needs - today and the future

Identify UNDA's key themes and objectives.

What are we going to do?


  • Ideation and assessment of potential actions. Organise and group potential actions by benefit, risk, ability to deliver.


  • Presentation of findings to thematic groups.
  • Ranking of against Growth, International, Student, Teaching/Learning/Research, Other(s).
  • Initial assessment and analysis of options.


  • Initial agreement of options, ready for leadership approval.
  • Validation of priority options by leadership.

How are we going to do it?

Develop documentation with

  • Clear articulation of how each initiative addresses UNDA ambition, issues and opportunity requirements.
  • Prioritised/approved initiatives and business cases (of how to support and deliver);
  • Strategic fact base;

Working sessions with key stakeholders to develop implementation plans and support.

Approval of the strategic plan.

Wide stakeholder engagement

There are many ways for everyone to be involved, and to be kept up to date across the three phases of work:

  • We are planning Faculty-based sessions and workshops to provide updates and to obtain input.
  • We envisage designing cross-disciplinary teams comprising members from across UNDA (East & West, all Faculties and Departments) so that we have the right capabilities from within UNDA working on the right options and ideas.
  • We are establishing a reference group to advise on engagement throughout this process.
  • We will be holding all-staff and all-student plenary sessions, and will provide website and email updates.

We would love to hear your ideas of how to engage.

Shape our Future

To build upon our legacy and our distinctiveness
To enhance our positive community impact
To ensure our Catholic University remains relevant