Learning and Teaching at Notre Dame

At The University of Notre Dame Australia we take a 360-degree view of our commitment to student support. We believe our students can only fulfil their potential if they have the benefit of a high-quality education experience. So, rather than operating as a discrete entity which works in isolation from the day-to-day practices of learning and teaching, our Learning and Teaching Office (LTO) works in partnership with the academics at the coalface.

One component of this partnership is to provide academics with Continuing Professional Learning (CPL) opportunities in the form of workshops, forums, seminars and one-to-one consultations. Our CPL program is informed by priority areas outlined in the University’s Learning and Teaching Strategic Plan as well as a series of ‘hot topics’ and key concerns in the higher education sector. Keynote speakers, both internal and external to the University, are featured as an integral part of the program – an initiative that is designed to bring new perspectives, enrich conversations and provide opportunities for further learning.

The LTO also delivers the Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching for Higher Education (GCLTHE), a qualification that introduces academics to contemporary theories and evidence-based practices of learning and teaching in higher education. Feedback from participants shows that they greatly value the learning opportunities provided by this graduate certificate. The LTO also offers e-Resources including ‘micro-modules’. Academics completing a set of modules and an assessment may apply for credit towards their GCLTHE.

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