Volunteering and mentoring opportunities at UNDA

Student Life provides several programs to help you get the most out of your time at Notre Dame

Volunteering and mentoring at our Fremantle campus

  • Notre Dame Volunteer Network

    Engaging in volunteering through Notre Dame has a positive impact on the community and provides support for those in need. You can also meet new people, extend your personal and professional networks, upgrade your skills, and enhance your career opportunities.

    NDVN focuses on building community between our volunteers whilst engaging in meaningful work for our local NFP organisations.” You can join us for Fish and Chip Fridays (semester 1) or crochet for a Cause (Semester 2)and find out how you can get involved with volunteering that suits your interests.

    What volunteers have told us about why they like to volunteer with NDVN

    • “It’s a great opportunity to give back to communities who need the help”
    • “It’s a great way to relax and take a break from studying, but in a meaningful way”
    • “I learnt more about what is being provided for those in low socio-economic areas and how we were making a difference”
    • “I loved hearing other volunteer's life stories and experiences”
    • “Having the chance to interact with students in the university I wouldn’t normally all while being able to help out is always so much fun”
    • “I wanted to give back to my community and make a positive impact. I wanted to connect with like minded people and learn new skills”
    • “It's fun, friendly, a really happy and joyful environment, and it's a wonderful and thought-provoking cause”
    • “Yes, I really enjoyed meeting new people and found fulfilment contributing to a great cause”

    Register your details to join the Notre Dame Volunteer Network (NVDN)

    For more info on how to become part of our NVDN, email fremantle.ndvn@nd.edu.au, call on +61(0) 8 9433 0145.

    NDVN is located in ND7(next to St Teresa’s Library). Please come and say Hi on Tuesday or Friday afternoons. Alternatively, drop us an email fremantle.ndvn@nd.edu.au or phone 08 9433 0145.

  • Mentoring programs

    New students are invited to join our popular mentoring program. We created this to make starting uni more enjoyable by connecting small groups of new first year students with a student mentor.

    After all, your first year at uni is exciting and challenging, but it can also be stressful at times. Our mentor network ensures you’ll feel supported when you need it most.

    Joining the mentoring program can help you to:

    • Make the adjustment to uni a smoother experience
    • Help you find and make new friends by connecting you with other students and staff
    • Increase your familiarity with Notre Dame and give you a richer understanding of Notre Dame
    • Get a head start on navigating the campus
    • Familiarise with available services
    • Have your questions answered
    • Share your experiences of uni transition to benefit future first year transition programs.

    Become a mentor

    Want to become a mentor in our mentoring program? Awesome! New mentors are recruited at the end of each year and need to have completed their first year of study.

    You’ll receive further information in an all-student email in November, and questions can be directed to fremantle.mentorprogram@nd.edu.au

Volunteering opportunities at our Sydney campus

Faculty-specific volunteering opportunities

  • Volunteer Simulated Patient Program

    Volunteer Simulated Patients (VSP) at the School of Medicine, Sydney, supports medical students to become excellent, caring, and ethical doctors. Plus, anyone can volunteer - no experience required!

    To find out more, visit the Volunteer Simulated Patient Program page.

International, interstate & regional students

Student Life develops and implements programs which assist international, interstate (outside WA), and rural WA students with integration into university life, and transition into university study.

Some of the services include:

  1. Mentor program
  2. Student trips
  3. Off-campus accommodation support
  4. Multicultural day celebrations
  5. Orientation week program

To find out more and get involved, email studentlife@nd.edu.au

Mature age students

Returning to study after a long absence or enrolling for the first time as a mature adult? We get it; this can be a daunting experience that often involves great sacrifice.

Mature-age students are more likely than school leavers to be juggling responsibilities outside of uni, such as employment, caring for children, and managing their household. They may also feel more socially isolated on campus than a school leaver might.

That’s why we established a mature-age social network on campus to help students like you connect, exchange ideas, try new experiences, and support each other.

Sign up to our mature-age social network today

Want to learn more?
Email  matureagenetwork@nd.edu.au