As a young and innovative university, we are dedicated to providing personal service to our students and the development of a caring approach to learning. Providing high-quality university teaching, internship programs and other professional work experience opportunities are critical in our commitment to prepare our students for employment when they graduate. We want our students to develop themselves intellectually and to enhance their faith and values.

Notre Dame is a Catholic university. We are defined by our Objects – the provision of university education within a context of Catholic faith and values. We seek excellence in teaching, scholarship and research, training for the professions, and the pastoral care of our students. In meeting these Objects the University also seeks to be open to all people.

Student demand for our programs and our teaching and learning environment continues to grow. We believe this is in response to the significant levels of satisfaction our students and graduates report of their experience at Notre Dame. At the same time, our range of Study Abroad and Exchange offerings has increased, indicating the high regard with which we are held in the international higher education community.

Integral to our success is our staff, both academic and administrative. We greatly value their loyalty to the University, our students and their commitment to striving for excellent results.

We are very proud of what we have achieved and are thankful to you – our staff for all you contribute to the Notre Dame experience.