Research Ethics Approval

Any research project involving human participants, experimental animals or any part of directly sampled or originating from a living organism, requires Notre Dame research ethics approval.

Notre Dame has specific Policies and Guidelines in place on the performance of ethically responsible research.

A submission for research ethics approval requires the completion of purpose-based Application Forms. More information is available from the Research Office.

If the information under ‘Ethics & Integrity’ on Notre Dame’s Research website does not address your query, the Research Ethics officer in the Research Office can be contacted for more information.

Postgraduate Research Approval

Research undertaken as part of a Postgraduate Degree by Research at Notre Dame also requires approval by the University’s School where the research is performed. The approval process is embedded in the admission process for the postgraduate program. Notre Dame’s HDR Education Coordinators can be contacted for expert advice.

Postgraduate research approval does not automatically include research ethics approval. A separate application for research ethics approval of the postgraduate research project needs to be organised if the research approach requires ethical consideration. The Research Office can advise whether research ethics approval is required.