LTO HDR Supervision

The LTO has a high regard for research in Teaching and Learning in higher education and modelling the scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (SoTL). The LTO continues to supervise a number of higher degree research students:


2020      Johnson, S.     Preparing EEN students for a Bachelor of Nursing an analysis of bridging course curriculum

2020      Hardiman, B.             Through the lens of a scientist: Understanding outbound mobility of Australian undergraduate STEM students

2020      Montgomery, K.      Going the distance: Supporting online mode Bachelor of Nursing students from regional, rural and remote locations undertaking subjects with a clinical placement component: An action research

2018      Saliba, G. Exploring teaching groups for professional learning through curriculum conversations

2018      Geoghegan, I.      Checklists as a learning and assessment tool in tertiary health care education

2018      Robertson, S.      National competency standards for the registered nurse: a critical evaluation of their use in practice

2017      Kendrick, D.      Older Gay men’s perceptions of physical activity across the lifespan

2016      Okai-Ugbaje, S.      A framework for using mobile devices to improve current pedagogical approaches in Nigerian universities

Master of Philosophy:

2017      Winn, M. Feedforward

Master of Health Professional Education

2017      Smith, A.             Peer Review in Problem Based Learning (Completed)