Things to Consider

Staff and students considering a research project at Notre Dame are advised to reflect on the University’s objectives and strategies when developing a new study. Alignment to Notre Dame’s Objects and research-related strategic planpolicies, guidelines and compliances is a requirement.

Notre Dame’s research webpages provide complementary information to the University’s policies and guidelines regarding research integrity and ethics, research management and research reporting. Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students are encouraged to further explore the information provided on postgraduate research.

Informed by Australia’s national guidelines on best practice in research, Notre Dame is committed to best practice in research across all academic disciplines based on the University’s Code of Conduct for students and staff, and its view on Research Integrity.

Good practice advice on a range of general aspects of research, but particularly ethical matters relating to research involving human participants is available. These recommendations are best considered prior to the start of a research project.

To find out about funding opportunities for research at Notre Dame, look for more information under Funding & Contracts on the Research webpages.

You can make an appointment to meet your Research Development Officer at the Research Office for support before a research project starts.