Portals & Access

Available when you need it, print, scan, email or copy from any printer on campus using your University ID card. Email print jobs from any personal device on or off-campus and the job will remain in the secure print queue until needed. Manual print options are available for temporary use if your staff card is lost or forgotten.


Find out everything print with Konica Minolta
Several training resources are available on our new Konica Minolta print training page, including quick guides and videos.

Think Print portals
Why are there two portals? How and when should I access them?
Although both portals look similar, they provide very different services for printing.

  • Think Print Admin
    Access the admin portal to generate your 6-digit PIN. All new and re-printed University ID cards require a PIN to be generated before access to printer services is granted or restored. PINs are randomly generated and cannot be set by users.
  • Think Print
    Everything related to staff printing can be found under your Think Print portal. Check what jobs are waiting in your print queue, print history, or upload a job from Think Print.

Think before you print
Notre Dame has adopted a greener approach to printing. We ask all students to think before they print to minimise paper use. Please keep this in mind when using printers on campus. A recycle bin is located near a printer in each area for proper disposable of unwanted paper and printouts.

PIN and Printer Access
Every printer has a SafeQ reader installed on the front of the printer. Staff require a 6-digit PIN to be assigned before access to print services is granted. Create or change your PIN through the Think Print Admin portal.

  1. Sign into Think Print Admin using your University ID and password
  2. Select "Generate PIN" under Access credentials
  3. Your new PIN will show onscreen and a confirmation email sent to your University mailbox from noreply-secureprint@nd.edu.au.

If printer access is denied, please generate a new 6-digit PIN from your Think Print Admin portal.

BYOD Printing
If you are working from a BYO device, you can still print to any printer on campus using the secure print queue. Email your document to your campus queue and pick up your print next time you are on campus.

Email printing.west@nd.edu.au for Fremantle and Broome printers or printing.east@nd.edu.au for Sydney printers. A confirmation email is sent to your inbox when the document is available in the SafeQ print queue.

Please note that this option only supports the following files:

Note: Documents in your queue are kept in the printing system for 48 hours. A notification is sent within 24 hours if you do not print and another in 48 hours to notify you the document has been deleted.

Useful Guides