If you have experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment

Help and support is always available at Notre Dame.

Emergency Assistance

In an emergency, telephone 000.

On-Campus Assistance

If you need immediate assistance on campus, call Campus Security

  • Fremantle: 0438 923 955 or the 24-hour security patrol call (08) 9433 0123 (extension 2123).
  • Broadway: 0403 458 011 or dial the pre-programmed number on an office phone.
  • Darlinghurst: 0406 318 213 or dial the pre-programmed number on an office phone.
  • Broome: 0475 985 197

University Support Officers

Notre Dame has Support Officers on each campus to help and support students who have experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment.

Our Support Officers have been specially trained and they will respond with compassion, understanding and respect. Support Officers will provide information and co-ordinated support for you, including information about internal and external assistance options and formal reporting mechanisms under the University’s misconduct and/or disciplinary processes.

  • Who should contact a Support Officer?

    Any student or staff member who has experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment is encouraged to contact a Support Officer. This is part of Notre Dame’s commitment to supporting its students and staff, and so that the University can take steps towards eliminating sexual assault and sexual harassment.

  • What will happen if I contact a Support Officer?

    If you contact a Support Officer to discuss an incident of sexual assault or sexual harassment, the Support Officer will offer to meet with you in person, and treat you with compassion, empathy, understanding and respect. The Support Officer will help to tailor a coordinated response that is appropriate to your circumstances.

    Amongst other things, the Support Officer will provide you with information about how you can access supports within the University (including Counselling and/or Chaplaincy and Campus Ministry) and how to access external support options (such as police and health services). The Support Officer will also provide information about the University’s formal reporting mechanisms for sexual assault or sexual harassment, so that the incident can be formally investigated in accordance with the University’s misconduct and disciplinary processes.

  • How to contact a Support Officer


    Email: fremantle.supportofficer@nd.edu.au

    Rommie Masarei
    (08) 9433 0599

    Lisa Goldacre
    (08) 9433 0161

    David McLean
    (08) 9433 0585


    Email: sydney.supportofficer@nd.edu.au

    Susanna Rizzo
    (02) 8204 4104

    Steevie Chan
    (02) 8204 4120


    Email: broome.supportofficer@nd.edu.au

    Gillian Kennedy
    (08) 9192 0651
  • Notre Dame sexual assault and sexual harassment policies and procedures

External assistance is also available