Enrolling in courses

Enrolling with us is easy. Simply head to the Student Centre and log in with your Student ID and password.

You can adjust your courses until the Last Day to Add, and you can withdraw from any course before the census date.

If you're coming back from a break, like a Leave of Absence, or you've made changes to your program, reach out to your school before enrolling. They're here to help guide your journey.

Need help? We’ve got you covered

Your guide to enrolling

Dive right into our easy-to-follow guide. It's designed to help you smoothly navigate the Student Centre, letting you add, swap, or drop classes with ease.

Need a permission code?

Some courses have this extra step. Your school can provide the code.

Got questions?

Confused about which courses to choose or need some clarity? Your school's always there to chat. And for tech hiccups during enrolment, our friendly Student Administration team's got your back:

Fremantle: 08 9433 0781
Sydney: 02 8204 4418

Common enrolment queries

  • Haven’t got your one-time passcode?

    After ensuring you've submitted your acceptance form and, if required, your proof of citizenship, check the mobile number you provided. It should start with +614.

    Still stuck? Drop an email to Admissions at admissions@nd.edu.au with your phone number, and they'll help you out.

  • Confused between course code and class code?

    Think of the course code as your subject's unique ID, while the class code tells you where and when that subject's offered (e.g., Sydney, Broome or Fremantle, summer term or semester 1). Using the class number in the Student Centre will ensure you’re enrolling in the correct class.

  • Encountering an error during enrolment?

    It could be due to a pending offer acceptance or an incomplete eCAF. Check the Getting Started page for a smooth enrolment process.

    Heads up: if you're an RTP scholarship holder, international, micro-credential, or offshore student, you don’t need to complete an eCAF.

  • Considering a wide range of subjects?

    Remember, your courses should align with your Program Requirements. While some programs have flexibility, others have a set path. Check out Section 3 Step B of the ‘Getting Started’ guide for clarity or contact your school for guidance.

    Detailed Program Requirements are available on the program pages under the program summary tab.

  • Which courses am I supposed to enrol into?

    Refer to the Getting Started page section 3 ‘Enrolment and timetable sign up’, Step B ‘Confirm the courses you are going to enrol in’. When enrolling, make sure you input the class number.

  • How do I know if my enrolment is successful?

    Students can check if an enrolment is successful by viewing their classes in Student Centre. Simply click on the ‘manage enrolment’ tile.

  • Questions about eCAF?

    I’ve applied for my eCAF – now what?

    If you’re an undergrad student, you’ll need to fill out an Electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form, regardless of your choice (get a HECS-HELP or not).

    You’ll be emailed this form via an “education.gov.au” email address. Be sure to check your junk and spam folders. If your email has changed, ensure you email Admissions to provide an update.

    Note that RTP scholarship holders (most HDR students), international, micro-credential, and offshore students don’t need to complete an eCAF.

    What can I do if the information contained within my eCAF is incorrect?

    If you have any questions related to eCAF, contact Student Administration by email at student.admin@nd.edu.au or by phone at (08) 9433 0781 for WA students and (02) 8204 4418 for NSW students.

    The details you provided the university must match those recorded with the ATO. If you’ve applied with a derivative of your name or there are other inconsistencies, please direct these students back to Admissions to have the data updated/corrected.