International students

Notre Dame is a leading Australian university which offers an exceptional educational experience coast to coast. We also take pride in providing a personal and supporting academic experience to all our students.

At Notre Dame, we value critical thinking skills. When you think critically and see the world from multiple points of view, you have the power to solve the world’s biggest problems. That's why Philosophy and Ethics play an essential role in every Notre Dame degree. We challenge you to question everything and learn to be an effective problem solver – providing life-long skills.

  • Course guides

    We offer quality undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees in a range of fields:

    • Business
    • Arts & Sciences
    • Philosophy & Theology
    • Education
    • Law
    • Health Sciences (Fremantle)
    • Nursing & Midwifery
    • Physiotherapy (Fremantle)
    • Medicine

    Notre Dame also offers an English language program for international students.

    Explore our programs or download the International Program Guide.

    Information about pathway providers can be found on the How to apply page.

    If you’d like more information on programs, you can submit an online Enquiry form and we’ll get back to you.

  • Assessment methods

    You’ll be assessed in your studies to achieve learning outcomes and develop your graduate capabilities. The types of assessment will vary depending on the course, program and school.

    Types of assessment may include (but are not limited to):

    • Written or oral examinations
    • Written assessment (essays, articles, reports, case studies, etc.)
    • Practice-based assessment (performances, presentations etc.)
    • Research-based assessment (thesis, dissertation, etc.)
    • Workplace-based assessment (internships, clinical practicums, teaching practice etc.)
    • Viva voce assessment (oral assessments)
    • Reflective writing
    • Group-based assessment
    • Class participation
    • Peer assessment
    • Student negotiated assessment
    • Portfolio/evidence assessment

    More specific information on assessment practices can be accessed via the Policy: Assessment in Higher Education Coursework, ELICOS and Enabling Courses, and the Procedure: Assessment in Higher Education Coursework, ELICOS and Enabling Courses.

    Once enrolled, students will also be given detailed assessment information in their course outlines.

    If you’d like more information on assessment methods, you can contact the international office by email or the relevant faculty.

  • Moving to Australia

    Moving to a new country can be an exciting experience. Look through our Moving to Australia page to find out about the details so you can feel prepared.

    You can read our Pre-departure guide to get more details on preparing to become a student in Australia and at Notre Dame.

  • Living in Australia

    Notre Dame has campuses in Sydney, Perth and Broome and seven Clinical Schools in New South Wales and Victoria.

    Interested in finding out a bit more about Sydney and Perth? Our Living in Australia page covers what you can expect from campus facilities to climate, cost of living and accommodation.

  • Full degree students

    We have a page dedicated to information for International full degree students. View this page to find out more.

  • Semester abroad

    We have opportunities for international students to study a semester at Notre Dame in Australia.

    If you want to find out about our campuses, student life and fees, see our Study abroad and exchange programs page.

  • Fees and scholarships

    Studying and completing your degree is a life-changing experience. At Notre Dame, we want to help you make the most of the experience.

    There are a range of scholarships available that you can read about on our Scholarships page.

    To understand more about fees, visit the International students fees page.

  • Professional experience and internships

    Our degrees focus on preparing you for the workplace by providing theoretical knowledge, as well as practical interdisciplinary skills and professional experience opportunities. We do this through joint initiatives with business and industry and by integrating internships, mentoring and practical placements into our degrees.

    School Practicum
    Arts & Sciences 80 - 225 hours
    Business 150 - 350 hours
    Education 800 - 1280 hours
    Health Sciences 150 - 1080 hours
    Nursing 1026 - 1120 hours
    Physiotherapy 1200 - 1400 hours
  • Student support

    Notre Dame offers personalised and one-on-one support for all international students including:

    • English bridging program
    • Careers service
    • Student counselling
    • Mentor Program
    • Access and inclusion advisor
    • Study workshops

    Our dedicated International Support Officers also help you throughout your degree.

    You can also get involved with student life on campus, including clubs, volunteering, the Student Association and Campus Ministry.

    Visit the International student support page.

International opportunities

Travelling is an education in itself. Getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing other cultures can expand your horizons and worldview in a way no textbook can.

Whether you’re an Australian student looking for opportunities, or you’re looking to come to Australia from overseas, you can inject some adventure into your degree with Notre Dame’s range of international programs.

Opportunities for international students

  • Studying at Notre Dame

    Notre Dame is a leading Australian university which offers an exceptional educational experience.

    Find out more about our programs or visit the International student support page to find out more.

  • Studying abroad at Notre Dame

    For students enrolled at our partner universities, you can apply to study a semester of your degree at Notre Dame Australia.

    Visit the Semester abroad page to find out more.

International opportunities for Australian students

  • Study abroad program

    You can apply to study a semester of your degree at a range of destinations across the globe at one of Notre Dame’s partner institutions in Europe, the USA, Canada and Asia.

    How does it work?

    Approved exchange students pay the equivalent of the Notre Dame tuition fees for the semester abroad, plus travel, accommodation and living costs. You’ll receive credits towards your degree while studying abroad.

    Our Study abroad and exchange programs page has all the information you need to know.

  • Experience the World program

    A number of short-term overseas study tour and service-learning programs are available to Notre Dame students to be immersed in new cultures and environments around the world.

    Some of the available programs include:

    • School of Arts & Sciences students may have the opportunity to study history in Spain and politics in Cambodia.
    • Nursing-students can gain clinical experience in Vietnam.
    • Schools of Education and Business students can gain teaching experience in India.

    All of these experiences contribute to your program of study, as well as to your own personal development. To find out more speak to your school.

Contact us

If you have any questions, you can book a guided application session with an International Student Advisor.

International students

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