What is Open Day?

Open Day is the perfect opportunity to learn about your study and career options and ask about university life.

Anyone interested in studying at Notre Dame is welcome to attend our Open Day. There will be sessions relevant for future students from all walks of life, whether you're still in high school or you're a uni graduate considering postgrad study. And international students will have the opportunity to chat to our dedicated International Student Team.

Discover more about specific programs and student support services, plus scholarships and other financial assistance options that can make your university journey more affordable.

"One of my favourite aspects of Notre Dame is the teaching quality and the experience of lecturers."

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Info sessions

Learn about our programs from your future lecturers and current Notre Dame students.


Get hands-on experience of our programs with workshops led by our academics.

Hall of Knowledge

Get answers to your questions about our programs and pathways to university.

Student Life expo

Find out about our student clubs, support, sports and more.

Entertainment and food

Enjoy engaging activities, live music, and food and drinks.


Campus tour

Explore our lecture theatres, classrooms, libraries, labs and other facilities.

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Notre Dame Open Day at Fremantle 2023

See why students love attending Notre Dame University’s Fremantle Open Days


Notre Dame Open Day at Sydney 2023

See why students love attending Notre Dame University’s Sydney Open Days


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should I prepare for Open Day?

    Before you attend Open Day, it's worth doing some prep work to make the most of your visit. Take a look at the Notre Dame website to explore our programs, faculties and facilities. We also recommend writing down any questions ahead of the day and bringing along your list so you can get all the advice you need from our staff, students and alumni.

    When you register you will create a personalised schedule for information sessions, workshops and tours based on your areas of interest. You can easily update and add more to your schedule so you don't miss out on anything.

    And don’t forget transport and parking. Plan ahead of time the best way to get to the campus and look up parking options if you're driving. Consider public transport or carpooling to reduce stress.

  • Can parents go to Open Day?

    You’re more than welcome to bring along family members and friends to Open Day. When you register, you’ll be asked how many people will accompany you, so please let us know.

    Open Day is your opportunity to gather information, get a feel for the campus environment and envision yourself as part of the university community. Having family with you can help ensure you’re asking all the important questions and allows you to talk things over with them while the answers are fresh in your mind.

  • What to wear to Open Day?

    Whether you want to dress to impress or take a less formal approach, it’s a good idea to ensure you feel comfortable. Open Day can involve walking tours, attending different information sessions and participating in various activities. Comfortable clothes and shoes will help you navigate the campus with ease and make the most of your visit.

  • What to ask at Open Day?

    There’s no limit on the kinds of questions asked at Open Day!

    You might want to know where the tastiest coffee can be found near campus, or perhaps the best quiet study spots.

    Or maybe you’ll be making a beeline for the sports officers at Student Life to ask about team sports and recreation on campus.

    You may have questions about what it’s like to study at a Catholic university and how it differs from a public university.

    However, if you are particularly interested in understanding how programs are delivered at Notre Dame, consider questions around the following:

    • Program structure and content: If there is a program you are interested in, you might want to find out more about the subjects you'll be studying and the sequence in which they'll be taught. Knowing the course structure will help you decide if it aligns with your interests and career aspirations. At Notre Dame, our courses are designed to provide a well-rounded education, combining theoretical knowledge with practical application.
    • Teaching methods and assessment: Different programs may use various teaching approaches, such as lectures, tutorials, workshops or practical sessions and exams. It's important to find out which methods you feel most comfortable with and ensure they are used in the course you're interested in. It will also give you insight into how your progress will be evaluated throughout the course.
    • Course accreditation and recognition: It's important to find out if the course you're considering is accredited and recognised by relevant professional bodies or industry organisations. Accreditation ensures that the course meets specific quality standards and is recognised by employers or other educational institutions. At Notre Dame, our courses are accredited by respected accreditation bodies, giving you the assurance that your qualification will be well-regarded in the job market.

    Please don’t be shy – feel free to ask anything you’d like to know. It may be helpful to write a list beforehand, so you don’t forget to ask that crucial question.

  • What to bring to Open Day?

    To get the most out of your time at Open Day, it's essential to come prepared. Here's a checklist of items to pack for the day:

    • Comfortable shoes: You'll be doing quite a bit of walking, so ensure you wear comfy shoes to keep your feet feeling good all day.
    • Notepad and pen: Jotting down notes during presentations and information sessions will help you remember crucial details about the courses and university facilities.
    • Your phone: So you can show your barcode to check in on the day and refer to your personalised schedule, which will list the sessions you’ve booked to attend.
    • Water bottle and keep cup: Food, coffee and water will be available during Open Day. Bring your own bottle and reusable coffee cup so you can stay hydrated and energised without creating waste.
    • Questions: Prepare a list of questions you'd like to ask uni staff, lecturers and current students. This will help you gather the information you need to make an informed decision about your future studies.
  • Why is Open Day important?

    Uni open days are more than just a day out; they're a key part of the decision-making process for potential students. Notre Dame’s Open Day provides a unique opportunity to explore the campus, our facilities and learning opportunities. It can give you a sense of what it's like to be a part of our student community and help you decide if it's the place for you.

    At Open Day you can chat to our experienced course facilitators who will provide you with detailed information including curriculum, career prospects, admission requirements and pathways to university. You can also maximise learning opportunities by attending presentations, workshops and demonstrations that highlight academic programs and resources available.

    You’ll get an opportunity to meet and chat with faculty members, current students and other potential students. These interactions can provide valuable insights, advice and even future collaboration opportunities.

    Ultimately, Open Day empowers you to make an informed decision about your uni future. By gathering information, experiencing the campus and interacting with the uni community, you can decide if Notre Dame is the right fit for your ambitions and aspirations.

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