Our governance arrangements are specified within establishment legislation, the University of Notre Dame Australia Act 1989 as well as the University Statutes. These, together with the Canonical Statutes, detail the source, role and functions of its Trustees, Directors and Governors and of the Vice Chancellor and Principal Officers of Notre Dame and its mission as a Catholic University.

Governance structure

Understand the functions of key decision-making bodies. 
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Governance and organisational structure charts

Download the governance charts that outline the primary decision-making bodies across the University and their reporting relationships.
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Act, statutes and regulations

The governance structure of Notre Dame is determined by, and stems from, its Act of Parliament and Statutes. There are a number of Regulations and policy documents that lay the foundations for how the University runs.
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Notre Dame operates within legal and statutory requirements and recognises its obligations to its students, staff, government and the wider community to adopt high standards of probity and accountability in all its operations.
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Academic Council

Academic Council is the primary academic body of the university and has established seven subcommittees to assist in exercising its responsibilities.
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Committee management

Resources to support effective committee management.
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Elections for Academic Council are undertaken by the Secretariat.
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  • Further information

    The Secretariat provides governance expertise and guidance to support decision-making across the University. For general enquiries, please email

    The Legal Office provides comprehensive advice and support of University related legal matters, complaints, integrity and compliance. Visit for more information or to contact the Legal Office.

    If your query relates to a University policy or policy development, email