Fees and payments

Paying your fees

As a university student, you’ll need to pay course fees throughout your program of study. Your fees will depend on your student type.

All students need to pay their study fees by the due date for the session. Please note there are many due dates during the academic year. View the key dates section of our Calendars and timetables page.

This page includes information on how to pay your fees for domestic university students only.

For domestic student fees, please visit Domestic student fees.

For international student fees, please visit International fees.

For VET program fees, please visit VET fees and census dates.

  • When to pay your fees

    You’ll need to pay your fees by the due date listed in your fee summary to avoid cancellation of your enrolment. If you’re eligible to defer your tuition fees on a HELP loan, you need to submit your eCAF by your earliest census date.

    For more information on census dates, view the key dates section of our Calendars and timetables page.

    See below for more details on viewing your fee summary.

  • How to pay your fees upfront

    You can pay by Master, Visa, Credit or Debit card, through the secure and convenient University Payment Gateway facility. Cash is not accepted.

    If you’re eligible to defer your tuition fees on a HELP loan and you wish to pay part or all of your fees upfront, you must ensure that payment is made by the census date. Payments received after the census date will not be accepted. If you’re unable to pay your fees upfront, you will be eligible for government assistance.

    Learn more about other ways to pay your fees

  • Viewing your fee summary

    Once you’ve completed your enrolment, you can view your Fee Summary through Student Centre. All Notre Dame students need to pay tuition fees by the due date, and your fee summary will show you which fees still need to be paid and the upcoming due dates for each of these.

    Your fee summary will outline:

    • enrolled course(s)
    • tuition fee amount
    • due date for payment
    • how to pay

    To view your fee summary, follow these steps:

    1. Simply log into Student Centre
    2. Navigate to the ‘Student Homepage’ and click on Financial Account
    3. You will be able to view a Summary of your Account in the Account Services – Account Activity tab. An itemised list of your courses in Charges Due tab
    4. Click on Make a Payment if you are paying all or part of your fees upfront.
  • eCAF

    To defer payment of your tuition fees through HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP, you’ll need to complete an electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF). Even if you’re paying your fees upfront or enrolled in the Tertiary Pathway Program, you’ll still need to submit your form.

    You’ll need to complete the eCAF by the earliest Census Date of your course(s). If you don’t, you might need to pay the full fees upfront, or if you’re a Commonwealth Supported Student, your enrolment will be cancelled.

    If you’ve already completed an eCAF but are changing programs, you’ll receive an invitation to complete a new eCAF.

    How do I complete an eCAF?

    An invitation to complete an eCAF will be emailed to you after you’ve accepted your offer. You’ll need to have your Tax File Number (TFN) on hand to complete the form, and if you don’t have one, you should apply for one as soon as possible after accepting your offer as they can take a while (sometimes up to 30 days).

    Once you’ve applied, you’ll receive a Certificate of Application for your TFN and a receipt docket from Australia Post. Please send a copy of these to student.fees@nd.edu.au as proof of your application.

    Note: Don’t wait for your TFN before completing your eCAF.

    Need help?  

    For further information regarding eligibility, Government assistance and loan schemes, go to http://www.studyassist.gov.au.

    For questions specifically relating to your application, please email the Student Fees Office at student.fees@nd.edu.au

Help and support

For any questions regarding your fees, please contact the Student Fees Office, +61 8 9433 0542, +61 2 8204 4437 during business hours or email student.fees@nd.edu.au