Broome Campus accommodation

The Campus is surrounded by natural savannah and tropical gardens and is only a 10-minute walk from the main Broome shopping centre, and 20 minutes to the town centre.

The Village includes a hostel which can accommodate 28 people and nine self-contained houses; each house contains five single bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and study areas. Guests enjoy shared kitchens, lounges and dining areas. Village amenities include free Wi-Fi, a communal kitchen, BBQ facilities, pool tables, a basketball court, television room, laundry and off-street parking.  Guests must be aged 18 and over. Students from other tertiary institutions and those attending training, workshops, meetings or retreats are also welcome to apply for campus accommodation.

An Accommodation Coordinator oversees the day to day running of the accommodation facilities. The Coordinator and Campus Services staff offer support and guidance to students to assist them enjoy their stay at the Broome Campus. Living on Campus, the students have ready access to the campus library and computer facilities.