IT Support

Wireless access to the internet is available on all Notre Dame campuses, and we also offer a comprehensive suite of video conferencing and Audio Visual (AV) facilities, equipment and services.

  • Contacting IT ND

    In order for us to assist you as quickly as possible, please have the following information ready:

    For Staff

    • Your Staff Name
    • Your Current Location & Phone Number
    • The nature of the problems you are experiencing
    • What, if any error messages have you received?

    For Students

    • Your Student ID Number
    • The nature of the problems you are experiencing
    • What, if any error messages have you received?

    Sydney Campus

    Buckland House (NDS4)  
    Phone: +61 2 8204 4444
    Staff and student email:

    Fremantle Campus

    St Teresa's Library (ND7) or IT Building (ND48)  
    Phone: +61 8 9433 0777
    Staff email:
    Student email:

    Broome Campus

    Building NDB2
    Phone: +61 8 9192 0632
    Staff email:
    Student email:


    08 9433 0999
    8am – 5pm AWST

    Fremantle Students

    08 9433 0777
    8am – 5pm AWST


    02 8204 4444
    8am – 5pm AEST


    08 9192 0632
    8:30am – 5pm AWST
  • Print, scan & copy

  • Policy

    The University has published a suite of detailed policies, procedures and guidelines governing the use of IT services on campus. They can be found here under Management and Information Management.
  • Passwords & security

    Select the most suitable option below for steps in changing your password.
    Please also allow 45 minutes for your password to replicate across all systems on the Notre Dame network.

    Your new password must adhere to the following security requirements,

    • Must be at least 7 characters in length.
    • Must contain a capital letter, lowercase letters and a number Eg. (1,2,3,4,5 etc.).
    • Cannot contain your first name, last name or student number.
    • Can contain symbols if you wish to strengthen your password. E.g (!@#$%^&*_+)

    All passwords expire after 365 days and cannot be changed more than once in 24 hours. You also cannot use the last 24 previously set passwords on your account.

    Changing your password.

  • Internet & wifi access

    Wi-Fi is available on our campuses in Broome, Broadway, Darlinghurst and Fremantle.

    Get connected - Which network?

    The University of Notre Dame Australia uses an encrypted wireless Network, to ensure that all Information passing through the wireless is protected.

    To access the wireless network you must have an active staff or student username and password. Access to the wireless is granted under the same policies as accessing the wired network.

    There are three wireless networks available on all campuses. Not all networks are accessible for students.


    The main wireless network accessible to both staff and students, available on all campuses. Users can connect their personal devices to this network using their university credentials.


    This network is only accessible on university owned devices. These devices include laptops, portable computers and tablets. Students and staff are unable to connect to this network on personal devices.


    Eduroam allows staff and students from member universities to access our wireless network. Notre Dame staff and students can access the teaching and learning spaces (e.g. libraries and WiFi) at other Universities using this network.  Almost all Australian universities are members of Eduroam.

    How to connect?

    1. When prompted, enter your Notre Dame Staff/Student ID e.g. 32001234 for students or 31001234 for staff
    2. Enter your password
      This is the same password to log onto a campus computer


    Unfortunately we are unable to list all available mobile devices for WiFi configuration. If your device is not listed on AskUs page, please refer to the individual device instructions provided by the manufacturer.

    Make sure that "Auto-Detect Proxy Setting" is configured and enabled.

    If you are unable to connect, please contact IT ND.

  • Email configuration

  • File server