IT Support

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  • Contacting IT@ND

    In order for us to assist you as quickly as possible, please have the following information ready:

    For Students

    • Name and ID (if you have a preferred name please include this also)
    • Contact details (include mobile if off campus)
    • Description or image of error message/code
    • Time issue occurred (if more frequent include dates)
    • Device issue occurred on (PC, laptop, venue machine)


    08 9433 0777
    8am – 5pm AWST


    02 8204 4444
    8am – 5pm AEST


    08 9192 0632
    8am – 4:30pm AWST
    Send a request to IT@ND for technical, audio visual and project support at
  • Printer access & portals

    Available when you need it, print, scan or copy from any printer on campus using your University ID card. Email print jobs from any personal device on or off-campus and the job will remain in the secure print queue until needed. Manual print options are available for temporary use if your ID card is lost or forgotten.

    Think Print portals
    Why are there two portals? How and when should I access them?
    Although both portals look similar, they provide very different services for printing.

    • Think Print Admin
      Access the admin portal to activate your account. All new and re-printed University ID cards may require re-activation before access to printer services is granted or restored.
    • Think Print
      Everything related to student printing can be found under your Think Print portal. Check what jobs are waiting in your print queue, upload a new job, check your current balance, recharge print credit and redeem vouchers. Think Print allows you to recharge using our secure payment system through the Think Print portal.

    Think before you print
    Notre Dame has adopted a greener approach to printing. We ask all students to think before they print to minimise paper use. Please keep this in mind when using printers on campus. A recycle bin is located near a printer in each area for proper disposable of unwanted paper and printouts.

    Printer Access
    Every printer has a SafeQ reader installed on the front of the printer. Students require an activated account before access to print services is granted. Activate your account through the  Think Print Admin using your University ID and password.

    You no longer require a PIN to print from a Konica Minolta device. Swipe your ID card to access your print jobs.

    Alumni have access to BYOD print services.

    Note: Documents in your queue are kept in the printing system for 48 hours. A notification is sent within 24 hours if you do not print and another in 48 hours to notify you the document has been deleted.

    Printer Cost
    Printing is charged at $0.11 for single A4 black and white and $0.25 for single A4 colour. Double-sided printing is only available from University computers.
    Credit balance must be higher than $0.00 to access a student printer.

    Adding Credit to your Student Card
    Print Credit can be added via the Think Print portal.

    Add credit to your University ID Card by following the Top up my Print Credit guide.

    If there is an issue with your payment (e.g. entered an incorrect amount, been charged incorrectly or changed your mind), please contact your Campus Fees Office.

    BYOD Printing
    If you are working from a BYO device, you can still print to any student printer on campus.

    Email for Fremantle and Broome printers or for Sydney printers. A confirmation email is sent to your inbox when the document is available in the SafeQ print queue.

    Please note that this option only supports the following files:

    Note: Documents in your queue are kept in the printing system for 48 hours. A notification is sent within 24 hours if you do not print and another in 48 hours to notify you the document has been deleted.

    Useful Guides

  • Policy

    The University has published a suite of detailed policies, procedures and guidelines governing the use of IT services on campus. They can be found here under Management and Information Management.

  • Passwords & security

    Locked out? Forgot your password at the worst possible time? Take control of your account with PortalGuard. Access the online portal to reset or change your password or unlock your account.

    All passwords expire after 1001 days for students

    Quick options include:

    • Change Password: Change your password before or after it has expired.
    • Unlock Account: Restore access if your account is locked out.
    • Forgot Password: Use to reset your password.

    Your new password must adhere to the following security requirements,

    • Must be at least 7 characters in length;
    • Must contain a capital letter, lowercase letters and a number eg. (1,2,3,4,5 etc.);
    • Must contain symbols/characters to strengthen your password eg (!@#$%^&*_+);
    • Cannot contain your first name, last name or student number; and
    • Cannot use the last 24 previously set passwords on your account.

    Students are encouraged not to change the number or symbol to the next increment when your password expires. It is better to select a passphrase instead to keep your account secure.

    Useful guides

  • Internet & wifi access

    Wi-Fi is available on our campuses in Broome, Broadway, Darlinghurst and Fremantle.  The University is currently in the process of upgrading Wi-Fi across all campuses.

    Get connected - Which network?

    The University of Notre Dame Australia uses an encrypted wireless Network, to ensure that all Information passing through the wireless is protected.

    To access the wireless network you must have an active staff or student username and password. Access to the wireless is granted under the same policies as accessing the wired network.

    There are three wireless networks available on all campuses. Not all networks are accessible for students.


    The main wireless network accessible to both staff and students, available on all campuses. Users can connect their personal devices to this network using their university credentials.


    This network is only accessible on university owned devices. These devices include laptops, portable computers and tablets. Students and staff are unable to connect to this network on personal devices.


    Eduroam allows staff and students from member universities to access our wireless network. Notre Dame staff and students can access the teaching and learning spaces (e.g. libraries and WiFi) at other Universities using this network.  Almost all Australian universities are members of Eduroam.

    Useful guides

    If you are unable to connect, please contact IT@ND

  • Email configuration

    Two different services manage Staff and Student email.

    • Staff email is managed through Microsoft Exchange and the Information Technology Office. All emails sent and received are monitored through Mimecast SPAM filtering services.
    • Microsoft manages student email through the Office 365 service. All emails sent and received are monitored through Microsoft.

    Each system is managed differently and therefore cannot be merged or accessed using the same credentials.

    It is recommended to keep staff and student emails separate.

    Student email is accessible from the Office 365 portal under the student page on the Notre Dame website. Set up safe senders and recipients to ensure you receive all Notre Dame emails.

    Useful Guides

  • Shared drives and file server access

    Student files and folders are stored on a central storage system known as shared drives. These shared drives are available on all computers on campus and remote access using the File Server.

    Shared drives available to students are:

    • H:\ Drive Home drive linked to an individual student account. (Cannot be seen by other students)
    • S:\ Drive Student drive to share files and folders with students.

    File Server – Off-Campus Access

    The File Server allows students to access their data off campus on their personal device. All shared drives are accessible with the same folder structure found on the shared drives on campus computers. The File Server is accessible at and also via the MyNDPortal on the Notre Dame website.

Our Objectives

We will provide information technology that supports and enable our University.
Our delivery is aligned with the university’s strategic vision and mission with delivery of services focused on meeting the IT objectives of Secure, Effective, Reliable and Affordable.