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The School of Arts and Sciences offers a range of challenging and innovative undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that prepare students for fulfilling careers.

Undergraduate programs: single degrees

Undergraduate programs: double degrees

A double undergraduate degree enables you to complete two qualifications at the same time, saving time and money, while increasing your employment opportunities.

A double degree reduces the duration that would be required to complete both degrees separately. Most double degree combinations can be completed in four years, while double degrees with Law and Education require five years.

Undergraduate programs: 'vertical' double degrees

A vertical double degree is designed to fast track you through both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in a totally new approach to tertiary education at Notre Dame that saves both time and money. Currently offered to students in the Bachelor of Behavioural Science and Bachelor of Counselling degree programs who wish to go on and study the Master of Counselling, it reduces the overall duration of both degrees by giving you credit in the postgraduate degree for the learning acquired in the undergraduate degree.

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    Why take the vertical double degree pathway?
    The Master of Counselling usually takes two years to complete and begins after the completion of a three-year Bachelor’s degree. Completing the Master of Counselling in a vertical double degree format reduces the overall time it takes to complete both your Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from five years to four years. It means you get into the workforce sooner, with increased employment options, and you save money too.

    How do the fees work?
    A vertical double degree saves you a year of postgraduate fees and, all the courses you study that are credited to your Master’s degree, are charged to you at an undergraduate rate.

    When can I choose to opt in to the vertical double degree?
    You can choose to opt into the vertical double degree at any time before the third year of your Bachelor’s degree.

    When do I graduate?
    The two degrees are studied consecutively, not concurrently, which means you graduate twice – first from the Bachelor’s degree and then from the Master’s degree.

    See here for information about each of these degrees that can be taken using the vertical double degree pathway:

Honours programs

Honours is the principal supervised research opportunity for undergraduate students, completed in a student’s fourth enrolment year. Honours combines elements of undergraduate study with aspects of postgraduate research, preparing students for professional employment and/or higher degree research.

Honours is available in all single and double undergraduate degree combinations within the School of Arts and Sciences, except the Bachelor of Counselling. Eligible students can enter Honours after completing a relevant Bachelor degree at Notre Dame or elsewhere. Please see the programs listed above for more information.

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Postgraduate programs

The School of Arts and Sciences provides coursework and supervised research in the following postgraduate programs.