Dr Martin Drum

Senior Lecturer, Politics and International Relations
BA (Hons) ANU; PhD UWA

Email: martin.drum@nd.edu.au
Phone: 9433 0128

  • Biography

    Dr Martin Drum is Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at the University of Notre Dame Australia in Fremantle. He has worked in the public sector in the past and is particularly interested in how governments can operate more effectively, and better deliver strong services and facilities. He thinks our political systems works better when people take an interest in what our elected representatives and public officers do and how they make their decisions.

  • Teaching areas

    • Australian Politics
    • Public Policy
    • Media and Politics
    • Comparative Politics
    • Service Learning and Community Engagement
  • Research expertise and supervision

    • Public Policy
    • Australian Politics
  • Publications

    Drum M, and Baldino D. (forthcoming 2012) “Community-based policing as an alternative to Stop and Search? The example of Northbridge, Western Australia” Public Policy 7.2.

    Drum M, and Baldino D. (forthcoming 2012) “Extended ‘Stop and Search’ Powers in Australia: A challenge for relations between police officers and citizens” GSTF Journal of Law and Social Sciences 2.1.

    Drum M, and Bowe W. (2012) "The State and Federal Seats of Fremantle: past, present and future" Fremantle Studies 7, 77-91.

    Drum M, and Tate J. (2012) Politics in Australia: a Source-based Analysis, Palgrave MacMillan.

    Drum M, Baldino D, and Wyatt B. (2010) “The Privatisation of Prisoner Transfer Services in Western Australia. What can we learn from the Ward case?” Australian Journal of Public Administration 69.4, 418-430.

    Drum M, and Baldino D. (2010) “Accountability and Control: The Politics of Privatisation in WA” Australian Political Science Association, Melbourne University.

    Drum M. (2010) “Is faith a “no go area” in modern politics? A case study of newly elected MPs in Western Australia’s State Parliament” Nebula 7.4.

    Drum M. (2010) “Faith and Rhetoric: Do Parliamentarians really use their faith to justify their decisions? A case study from Western Australia’s 38th Parliament”, Religion and the Nation State, Newcastle University.

    Drum M. (2009) “Service Learning: The Notre Dame Experience” Deans of Arts and Social Sciences Annual Conference, Newcastle University.

    Drum M. (2009) “Reconsidering the role of Central Agencies in Western Australia” Australian Political Science Association, Macquarie University

  • Professional associations

    • Australian Political Studies Association
    • Australasian Study of Parliament Group