Public Choice Theory - Winter School, July 2021

BUSN2080: Topics in Economics - enrol class no. 1086

Internationally renowned experts in Public Choice Theory will be flown in to deliver classes over a two week period.

Politics without the Romance: The Economic Modelling of Politics

Public Choice Theory Course Now Open for Enrolment

The University of Notre Dame Australia (UNDA) is now accepting enrolments on its Fremantle campus in a course devoted to Public Choice Theory, which will be delivered as an intensive ‘Winter School’ in July 2021.  Public Choice Theory is a sub-discipline of economics that entails applying economic methodology to the sphere of political science and is sometimes referred to as “politics without the romance”. Topics considered include rent seeking, regulatory capture, pressure-group activity, government failure, constitutional design, voting paradoxes, and the economics of bureaucracies. The 2021 course provides students with both a broad understanding of the public choice approach and a more nuanced appreciation of specific theories associated with this approach.

The course will be delivered over a two week period from July 19 to July 30.  The first week will be delivered by UNDA staff and is devoted to providing a broad survey of Public Choice Theory.  The second week will be delivered by internationally renowned Public Choice Theory specialists and is devoted to building upon the foundations laid in the first week by considering more specific topics in a seminar setting. The second week also features a one-day symposium which this year is devoted to providing an audit of those Australian institutions that are distinctive to Australia.  The one-day symposium will be held on Tuesday July 27 and is also open to the general public for a small fee.

The course code for Public Choice Theory is BUSN2080 (enrolment class no. 1086). For enquiries relating to the nature of the course, please contact Riko Stevens at  For enquiries relating to enrolment processes and administrative information, please email