School of Law, Fremantle Campus

The School of Law delivers a comprehensive and distinctive law program that has been designed in consultation with some of Australia’s most respected judges, barristers and solicitors. Fully accredited by the Legal Practice Board of Western Australia, your studies take place in Fremantle’s historic West End.  With the former prisons of the Roundhouse and Fremantle just around the corner plus access to the Justice Owen Moot Court, the Law School is ideally situated to provide you with a unique perspective on Australian law – past and present. Our small class sizes allow you to explore and develop your legal and professional skills with courses such as legal history, advocacy and alternative dispute resolution being embedded as compulsory parts of our degree programs.

The Law School endeavours to produce ethical graduates and fosters a sense of community among staff, students and alumni.  We engage our students within both the legal profession and wider community through initiatives such as our popular Eminent Speakers Series, where recognised experts speak on contemporary legal and professional matters.  All of our students participate in community service in the first of two compulsory, ethics-focused courses. Students also have the opportunity to volunteer at the Law School’s ‘pop up’ legal clinic where qualified lawyers (many being alumni of the Law School) offer legal advice to members of the community who would otherwise be unable to access legal advice. Mooting and advocacy competitions provide students with further opportunities to develop their practical legal and advocacy skills.

  • Mentoring/Academic Support

    Notre Dame’s Mentor Program aims to smooth the transition from school (or work) to university life by linking first year students with student mentors. In addition, the University’s Academic Enabling & Support Centre (AESC) helps students formulate their goals and develop the skills and confidence needed to attain them. The AESC offers a range of courses and programs, plus support for students with special educational requirements.

  • Facilities

    The School of Law is located in the heart of Fremantle.  Law Students are able to take advantage of the specialist Craven Law Library with its extensive online legal resources. Students also have the benefit of taking classes in the Justice Owen Moot Court, Fremantle’s oldest court house which has been has been refurbished for student use.

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