Dr Denise Buiten

Senior Lecturer & Discipline Coordinator: Social Justice

Email: denise.buiten@nd.edu.au
Phone: 02 8204 4170

  • Biography

    Denise Buiten is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Arts and Sciences and Discipline Coordinator for the Social Justice program (Sydney). Denise began her career as a gender and development researcher in Southern Africa, moving into academia in 2008. She has worked as a researcher and lecturer in South Africa and Ireland, coming to the University of Notre Dame Australia in 2011. Her research focuses on gender, media and gender-based violence, and she teaches into a range of areas including Social Justice, Media Studies, the Arts Internship program and Sociology.

    Denise is a Senior Research Associate of the University of Johannesburg, with whom she engages in ongoing collaborative research. She is also an International Board Member for the Association of Applied and Clinical Sociology, which promotes the application of sociological skills, approaches and theory beyond academia to design, implement, and evaluate interventions that can improve social outcomes and solve challenges.

    Denise is actively engaged in teaching, research and other activities aimed at understanding and preventing domestic and sexual violence, and serves as a member of the Vice Chancellor's Advisory Committee for Addressing Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence on Campus at Notre Dame.

  • Teaching areas

    • Social Justice (Discipline Coordinator & Lecturer)
    • Internship Program
    • Media Studies
    • Sociology
  • Research expertise and current projects

    Currently authoring a monograph on Family murder-suicide, gender and the media (Monograph: Springer Books), which is forthcoming in 2021, and several journal articles and book chapters on gender-based violence, including teaching gender-based violence in higher education settings (Bristol University Press), the #MeToo movement (University of Kentucky Press) and familicide.

    Currently undertaking a joint grant project with University of Sydney and University of Johannesburg titled: Men, Masculinities and Gender Equality: Exploring Young Men's Responses and Negotiations, with the aim of exploring what young men think and feel about how men and masculinity are viewed in society.

  • Research supervision

    PhD Supervision

    • Dr Louise St Guillaume (2014). The same but different: how people with a partial capacity to work are governed in recent policy changes to the Australian income support system and the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Co-supervisor: Prof. Cate Thill

    Honours Supervision

    • 2020: Rebecca Hetherington (current). Move, Nourish, Believe: Neoliberal regulation of the self in the Lorna Jane brand.
    • 2019: Lauren Brooks (First Class Honours). Digitally (De/re)constructing Gender: “Affordances” for Performing Gender in the Sims 4 Avatar Customisation Interface.
    • 2018: Georgia Coe (First Class Honours). Beyond ‘Mental Illness’ : An exploration into the ways in which the Social and Emotional Wellbeing approach is negotiated in contemporary policy associated with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples ‘mental health’. Co-supervisor: Dr Louise St Guillaume
    • 2017: Chloe Goy (First Class Honours). “Nicole Arbour’s ‘Dear Fat People’: Discourses of Fat Shaming & Fat Acceptance in a Contemporary Space.
    • 2016: Simone Fernandes (First Class Honours). Participation and the Social Model of Disability: A Discourse Analysis of the Framing of Participation
  • Books

    Currently completing a monograph on Family Murder-suicide, Gender and the Media (Springer Books). Expected publication date: 2021

  • Book chapters

    • Buiten, D. (2020). Sex and Gender. In Arvanitakis, J. (ed.). Sociologic: Analysing Everyday Life and Culture (2nd Edition).  Oxford University Press.
    • Buiten, D. (2016). South African Feminisms. In N. Naples, R. C. Hoogland, M. Wickramasinghe & W. C. A. Wong (Eds.) The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies. Milton, QLD: Whiley-Blackwell.
    • Venter, C. Mashiri, M. & Buiten, D. (2006). Engendering Mobility: Towards Improved Gender Analysis in the Transport Sector. In K. van Marle (ed.) Sex, Gender, Becoming: Post-Apartheid Reflections. Pretoria University Law Press. 117-140.
  • Journal articles and proceedings

    • Buiten, D. (2020). It’s ‘vile’ but is it violence? A case study analysis of news media representations of non-consensual sexual image-sharing. Feminist Media Studies. https://doi.org/10.1080/14680777.2019.1708773
    • Buiten, D., & Naidoo, K. (2020). Laying claim to a name: Towards a sociology of gender-based violence. South African Review of Sociology. https://doi.org/10.1080/14680777.2019.1708773
    • Buiten, D. & Naidoo, K. (2016). Framing the problem of rape in South Africa: Gender, race, class and state histories. Current Sociology, 64(4). 535–550.
    • Buiten, D. (2013). Feminist approaches and the South African news media. Ecquid Novi: African Journalism Studies. 34(2). 54-72. Taylor & Francis.
    • Buiten, D. & Naidoo, K. (2013). Constructions and representations of masculinity in South Africa’s tabloid press: Reflections on discursive tensions in the Sunday Sun. Communicatio: Southern African Journal for Theory and Research, 39(2). 194-209.
    • Buiten, D. (2007). Silences stifling transformation: Misogyny and gender-based violence in the media. Agenda: Empowering Women for Gender Equality, 71. 115-121.
    • Buiten, D. (2007). Gender, transport and the feminist agenda: Feminist insights towards engendering transport research. Transport and Communications Bulletin for Asia and the Pacific, 76. 21-34.
    • Mashiri, M., Dube, S. & Buiten, D. (2007). Fostering child-centred approaches to transport research, planning and policy development: A pilot methodology. Commonwealth Youth and Development, 5(2). 63-75.
  • Conference papers

    • Buiten, D. & Naidoo, K. (2015). Problematic men, problematic pasts: Reflecting critically on themes in South African literature on rape. Inaugural Asia-Pacific Conference on Gender Violence and Violations, University of New South Wales, February 2015.
    • Buiten, D. (2013). “In Developing Countries..”: Global Social Justice and the Challenge to Dominant Development Discourses in “Northern” Educational Settings. Keeping the Door Open: Learning, Teaching, and Social Justice in Tertiary Education. Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, Australia.
    • Buiten, D. & Naidoo, K. (2012) Tabloidisation and Representations of Masculinities in the Sunday Sun. Work/Force: Masculinities in the Media Conference. 13-14 September 2012. Stellenbosch, South Africa.
    • Buiten, D. Mashiri, M. Sello, C. Ntho, M. & Buiten, E. (2006). Gendered Mobility, Gendered Benefits: Assessing the Impact of Rural Road Projects in Lesotho. Gender, Transport and Development Conference, 27-30 August 2006. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
  • In the media

    Why do men kill their families? Here’s what the research says. (2020, February 25). The Conversation.

    2SER Radio Interview, "Domestic Violence". The Daily Show (2019, July 1).

  • Professional affiliations

    • Senior Research Associate, Department of Sociology, University of Johannesburg (2016 to present)
    • International Advisory Board Member for the Association of Applied and Clinical Sociology (United States) (2019 to present)
    • Member of the Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Addressing Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment on Campus (University of Notre Dame Australia) (2018 to present)
    • Member of the Australian Gender and Women’s Studies Association
    • Member of the Sociological Association of Australia
    • Member and former Chair of the School of Arts and Sciences Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Funding and Awards

      • Men, masculinity and gender equality: Young men’s perceptions, responses and negotiations (2020)
        Grant:  University of Johannesburg Research Committee Grant ($6600)
        Partners:  Department of Sociology, University of Johannesburg; Department of Gender and Cultural Studies, University of Sydney
      • Promising Young Researcher Award (CSIR, South Africa) (2007)